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FINE PRINT of Verified Fan Presale


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9 hours ago, monica martino said:

Yes but above that I have (like anyone else I guess) the following which still keeps unclear if being a paid member with set up complete is enough to get a code for verified subscriber/u2.com member presale, a code we are supposed to receive because we paid the membership  


Actually, I think it does make it clear - it says explicitly that completing setup "does not mean you have been verified nor does it guarantee participation in the presale."   I think the only ambiguity that language allows is whether the lack of a guarantee is due to the fact that (a) it's a lottery; or (b) the fact that some accounts will be tagged as scalper accounts and thus won't be verified.   Now, with the new language about it not being a lottery, we have our iron-clad answer that it's about (b) and not (a).    I never contacted U2.com or TM about it, but if some U2.com folks told people that it was a lottery, then I think they were being imprecise - they simply meant to say that it's not a guarantee (that is, you might get tagged as a scalper).   If they described that type of uncertainty as a "lottery," then that's pretty sloppy and imprecise.  U2 and TM ought to have their crap straight in describing their system.    Sherry's post earlier seemed to imply that the U2.com presale was being run by TM and thus was subject to the same "lottery-style" terms, and that U2.com just didn't include that language on their site.  But it's clear now that that's not the case.   I think what happened is that the customer service in response to FAQ's must have been confusing.  

Like I've said before - whoever at Live Nation and/or U2.com who writes up the description of the policies for fans needs to sit down and do a better job at articulating and communicating this stuff from the get-go.  Quite aside from the merits of the policy itself - the clarity and consistency of communication has been horrendous, especially given how quickly these presales happen on the heels of the tour announcements.  Oseary ought to consider having a 5-6 week buffer between announcing the tour and putting tickets onsale.  

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