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Ticket Fiasco

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Here we go again. Another Tour and the added stress of purchasing tickets. First let me say that I consider myself one of the lucky ones and by no means is this meant to be a dig at anyone who may have encountered problems with the whole Pre-Sale Process. I myself have been a long time fan, supporter and subscriber so I know the stress that comes along with acquiring tickets. I was fortunate to be able to be in the first group and was able to get my tickets without any issues. The problem I had was when I was given the option to choose I noticed that the majority of the available tickets were "Packages" at outrages prices. I was logged in at exactly 10am EST. Prior to Pre-Sale the price info noted on Ticketmaster was $50-$329 for the DC Show, however I saw no tickets less than $329 and no GA Tickets. In the past tickets that were in the 400 Sections were normally the lower price tickets but not this time. Tickets were listed as high as $400+ which I could not help but to think about how much of that goes in the pockets of Ticketmaster? I have a thought, why can't U2.Com supply the tickets? I know this will probably stir up a lot of legal ramifications about Contracts between the Venue's and Ticket Suppliers but it may be a solution? 1) The Fan Club is allotted the entire amount of the Tickets available for each Venue. 2) The length of time one has been an Member determines what Group you are in. 3) Once the Tour Dates are announce you chose a city on the Tour where you want to see the show. This can be done in our Profiles. 4) On the day Tickets become available you logged into your account on U2.Com and purchase what is available on that date. 5) After a period of time any Tickets not sold are released back to the Ticket Suppliers such as Ticketmaster to be sold to people who don't have or don't want to pay the Annual Membership Fee. I have kept my Membership up to date for years for the main reason of being able to get the chance to see U2 when they tour. The Fan Club could offer us REAL FANS the opportunity to see the Band on Tour at a reasonable and fair price and to feel that we are appreciated and therefore rewarded for our loyal support. Not a sermon, just a thought! 

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