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I was shut out for tickets to the Boston Show.  Wasted a ridiculous amount of time refreshing the Ticketmaster page hoping new tickets would appear and spent money on the membership that was not even expired to get the code!

I wake up this morning to find an email from Stub Hub offering me tickets to U2!!!!!  I don't follow Stub Hub, I've never received emails from them in the past, I've never bought tickets from them!  

How did they get my email address...and if this horrendous presale was supposed to eliminate the scalper....how are they offering me tickets?  

Did anyone else receive an email from Stub Hub?  Did this site sell my information to them?  

I've been a fan since 1984 and have been to more concerts than I can count but I am so frustrated by this whole presale!  This is so not how U2 usually acts!

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Over the course of the last two pre-sale groups StubHub is FLOODED with tickets, mostly GA which is maddening (for all shows not just Boston - my pain point being Los Angeles). So much for “verified” buyers...


We also got an email from StubHub regarding U2 tickets for sale. Insult to injury...

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It's the same in ATL, which is the smallest venue.  Stub Hub states 140 GA tickets.  I saw on another site another 100 tickets (no idea if these are connected).  I was lucky to get Red Zone during the Experience sale, but the AXS website that we were sent to for ATL (sale not through TM) was a disaster.  To find GA, there was tiny button that was not highlighted and in grey print (all else highlighted in brigh colors).  So it looked like you could only get the very expensive seats or a high priced package.  I was not planning on Red Zone.  Cost me about $300 more a ticket.  But again, can't complain too much because I am going.  Just a bit dissapointed and feel terrible for those blocked completely.

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