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On 11/16/2017 at 5:00 PM, jeffwalsh said:

This is only true if they lose enough people to not sell out the venue, though. Which doesn't seem likely...

I was just looking over how many shows could potentially be added to the NYC area this year compared to the 2015 tour.  In 2015, the top ticket was about $50 cheaper than today, and less of the building may have been priced at that level.  They sold out eight shows, and while the cheap tickets all went pretty quickly, as shows were added it took a little longer for the pricier tickets to sell.  For this coming tour in 2018, they're playing three different NYC-area venues, and the most they can do based on the schedule is six shows.  Or, maybe to make it easier, in 2015, Boston got four shows, and on this tour, there's room for a maximum of two.  It may be that Live Nation, Guy Oseary and the band made a decision that with the price increases making up for demand, that they'd be just as happy paying two shows and getting the fee that they'd get four having played four shows a couple years ago.  They may have consolidated demand while keeping their income consistent.  And I guess, who doesn't want to get paid the same for doing half the work?

On the other hand... I used Twitter pretty much once, during the I&E tour because of the interactive portion of the show.  Maybe now would be the time to try to reach out to Oseary.  In the past, I have knocked him as seeming to be detached and uninterested in the fan experience because frankly there was no evidence to suggest otherwise, but I would give him a huge amount of credit for being open to a discussion today.  I desperately wanted some kind of friendly discussion on these issues two years ago, not that it had to be me personally, but just to have this conversation that's happening online now - if he's now open to it, that's positive.

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