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name the song you would like dropped and its replacement


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name the one song you would like dropped from the setlist,and name the song you would love to hear again.


for me it would have to be bullet the blue sky dropped.thats been played on every tour sinse joshua tree.so maybe a nice change this tour.


the replacement for me would have to be BAD.probably my favourite u2 track ever.

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i would love to here

exit/gloria ala joshua tree tour style.

that would be incredible


also a day without me/party girl/i threw a brick medly.


similar to what they done on the virtigo tour with an catdubh/electric co.

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I can't think of any song that I'd like dropped. How about adding an acoustic version of Sunday Bloody Sunday, by Edge on his own, like in Sarajevo in'97. He could also then sing Seconds. I've just listened to War today for the first time in ages.

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I wouldn't mind if Beautiful Day and Elevation weren't played. I'd replace them for Gloria. I find this song so beautiful I'd "swap"her for 2. I don't believe U2 will every play it live (again?), though.


I DO NOT particularly like to listen to many "slow songs" live.


Sometimes you can't make it on your own

Stuck in a Moment

In a Little While

Staring at the Sun

New York

HOWEVER MLK, Walk to the Water, 40 and Bad are not in the category above.


I DO like "faster" songs such as:


Mysterious Ways

I Will Follow

Angel of Harlem

Sunday Bloody Sunday

When Love Comes To Town

Two Hearts




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I think U2 could drop all the big songs from the 80s on this tour (except New Years Day, Bad and Streets). I'd like to see Gloria or 11 O'ClockTicktock back in the setlist (I think October somehow strangely complements NLOTH).


It would be also good if they played nothing from HTDAAB - although I think they'll probably play Vertigo in the encore.

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Drop: Beautiful Day, Elevation, Gone, Until The End Of The World, Wake Up Deadman, The Fly, Zoo Station, Angel Of Harlem, In A Little While, Stuck In A Moment.


Add: Wire, Like A Song, God II, Hawkmoon 269 (Lovetown Tour Version), Red Hill Mining, Electrical Storm, The Unforgettable Fire, A Celebration, Surrender,Tomorrow.


In Addition: I'd like to hear an updated version of Things To Make And Do played over the PA before they hit the stage. That would really drive everyonenuts!

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Some fine choices. Yeah Im a bit sick of hearing beautiful day now. Zoo station is awesome but it is welded to the zoo tv tour and thats where it belongs. Iwould like to see them drop with or without you, controversial I know. Unforgetable fire is one of my absolute faves, top 10. But it never really worked live.Even hardcore U2 fans know that A celebration is only good on ironic levels. The songs I would love to see live again are Love is blindness, silver and gold,and one tree hill.

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