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This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

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I still haven't popped my Experience cherry (that might be the most inappropriate, but in context, sentence I have ever typed).. But the early positive vibes towards the new record are exciting. I just hope there isn't that swing at some point where the popular opinion tends to suggest otherwise... Time will tell... 

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I'm tending to agree. I recall in my late teens - this band released 'The Joshua Tree'. I recall hearing the first single lifted off the album - it was called 'With or Without You' (i know you know),

Lifelong fan and I can’t stop with the new songs. All of them are very solid. Blackout is fantastic so is Get out of your own way  into American Soul. Put in the amazing The Little Things That Give Yo

Any honest opinion is obviously legitimate , but one aspect of this album which I think is undeniable, is that it is an incredibly thoughtful album. It's incredibly honest, nuanced in some metaph

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10 hours ago, ruthiemercury said:

Oh jeez it leaked? Arg! It’s like trying not to peek at your Christmas presents when you accidentally find your husband’s hiding spot lol! 

I think it's more like watching a movie on TV while standing outside looking through the window...something like that. You can see what's on, but you're not really there.

Someone got his hands on a vinyl and done a FB listening party. What people are listening to is really an inferior source (recorded stream) and nowhere near the real thing.

Some even argue that it's like a fake-leak... *chuckles* 

Anyway, people may, of course, decide for themselves but I have a feeling the new U2 album is too good to have its first listen spoiled by anything less than hi-fi HD stereo.

Just a few more days... 

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I'm a little more cautious this time round.

I found SOI rather frustrating as the songs I liked had very little space on the I&E tour and the focus was on stuff I thought was, well hate to say it but bland. Song for Someone being a prime example!

'Blackout' is a gem. I managed to get the Record Store Day ltd edition version.

Get out of your own way is another one I'm enjoying but 'Little things' is just 'blah' and will we be raving about 'You're the best thing' in a few years?


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Haven't heard or searched any potential leak. Like others have said, It's too close to release to be bothered for me. I'll wait.

Funny how we as fans differ though - a lot of people are raving about 'The Blackout' as their fav so far of what's out there in the ether - me? I'm struggling with it versus the other 4 released tracks.

That for me epitomises U2. We're really (even though some full tracks are available) are still just getting snippets of what the album may bring in its entirety.

Call it 'blind faith', true, could be guilty of that myself - however, I prefer to believe the musicianship of the four guys, and the studio - will deliver a sound little package of joy. ;)

Counting it down.

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