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This SOE is shaping up to be a gem


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Also, I agree with someone who wrote that U2 should dispense with the big hits on this tour, and just play newer material from this decade, along with tracks from the past that "fit in", including album cuts that were not radio hits.  That's the kind of show I want to see next from U2, after being treated to the JT tour this year.  It will be difficult to play 22 songs with this approach, but I hope they give it a go, and do not try to accommodate the casual listener who wants to hear "One" and "With or Without You", which for us would be for the billionth time, and no longer special.

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21 hours ago, Tobybezeke said:

I am 49 years old and have followed U2 since the Boy album.

SOE is by far the weakest album they have ever made.

No mysterious athmosphere (eg song Unforgettable Fire, With or Without You, Heartland), no magical Edge guitar (eg song In God's Country, The Fly, ...), no vulnerable Bono singing (eg song Bad, Tomorrow, Walk to the Water,..).

U2 used to have something magical and mysterious. The magic has gone.

I cried when I heared the first 3 songs of The Joshua Tree album, I couln't sleep for days before a new album came out, but since the last magical album, Achtung Baby, it all went downhill. With this ugly creature as the latest result. 

Some people suggest to bring Lanois and Eno back, but even they have evolved and are not the same persons anymore as in the 80ties.

U2 will never be able to make albums like The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby again.

Just like Simple Minds will never repeat New Gold Dream, Depeche Mode will never repeat Violator / Songs of Faith and Devotion and The Cure will never repeat Disintegration, .. 

Some media suggested this looked like a goodbye album... I really hope it is! 

Hope this is a goodbye album? Heresy! I have seen so many comments about SoE not sounding like "U2" with most comparisons referencing the older materials. There will not be another War, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and nor should there be. Why do you think that U2 has been able to be as large as they are for as long as they have? Their music always changes, they always evolve. Some people hate it some people love it. Zooropa and Pop were a giant leap for alot of fans who prefer their older music. I personally love them. What band can make music in nearly any genera of rock (some blues and others) while making it their own? They still sell out concerts and win awards. They still rock your face off live. They still write good music. NLOTH had mixed reviews however it is great, yet it came out when bands like Imagine Dragons and Kings of Leon were getting big. That album reflects that. They can remain in the spot light by taking some modern flavor of the times and put the U2 spin on it. Pop, did the same for the 90s. Some albums stand out more than others, sure, and how to rank them is a matter of opinion as it is very subjective. I personally love all of the albums for their own reasons. They resonate with me because of a particular feeling they evoke or they become a soundtrack for a period of my life. To say one would hope they quit after SoE? That just doesn't make sense. They are not doing what most "classic" rock bands do when they become a tribute or release materials no one hears. They are still right up front making music that is up with the times. 

SoE for one has so much heart N soul. You want vulnerability, how about the way Bono recognizes his ego and also realizes he is mortal? Also, this has some of the best drums and bass lines that they have used in a while. So much momentum.

I can see what you were saying however the godobye album part just hit me wrong. We all have our opinions though and I can respect that.



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Like many people here, U2's early albums were my soundtrack from adolescence to young adulthood. I grew up with War, TUF, TJT, AB. I bought Zooropa but it was "different" and I had evolved into other things. I don't think I even purchased Pop,  I tried to reignite my fandom with ATYCLB but like I said, I had moved on and for the rest of the 2000s, U2 wasn't even relevant to me, let alone my favorite band.

Flash forward to 2017. TJT tour was something that I could not miss. And of course the old hits drummed up a huge amount of nostalgia for me and I was lucky enough to see the show 4 times. But it did something more than that, it reinvigorated my interest in my old favorite band. I mostly stuck with the old stuff, but I started listening to SoI and found a few tracks there that I really enjoyed. I still haven't delved much further into their post-Pop catalog but here we are with the release of SoE and I have to say, I'm really, really enjoying the album. So take my opinion with a grain of salt but here's my thoughts after at least 10 listens maybe more:

Love is All We Have Left - interesting and dark, but I usually skip to the next song which is really the start of the album for me and probably my favorite track on the album. (7/10)

Lights of Home - love it, cannot wait to hear it live and I think the end of the song will be great to sing along to (10/10)

YTBTAM - I usually skip this song. It's not bad, I just think it's too much of a radio track. (6/10)

GOOYOW - Speaking of radio tracks, this one has really grown on me. I think this will be a fan favorite live. (8/10)

American Soul - Again, another song that will be great live, fans will love it. I like the chorus as a callback to Volcano, which I really liked (7/10 album, will be 8/10 live)

Summer of Love - jury still out for me on this one (5/10)

Red Flag Day - could have been on War, which is top 3 for me, enough said. (9/10)

The Showman - this song is strange and different and doesn't seem like a U2 song but I like it (7/10)

TLTTGYA - 3 way tie on this one for song of the album with Lights of Home and Love is Bigger, love the crescendo, feels like Bad for the 2000s. (10/10)

Landlady - like Summer of Love, I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet (5/10)

The Blackout - Good song, will be the Elevation/Vertigo/Beautiful Day of the tour, that being said I usually skip it (6/10)

LIBTAIIW - Love it. Anthemic. (10/10)

13 - slow burn, pretty song, nice call back to SFS, too slow for me when driving, so I usually skip to listen to my 2nd favorite song on the album (behind 1a, 1b, 1c lol) which is Book of Your Heart (6/10)

Book of Your Heart - great song, I love when it picks up in intensity and urgency (9/10)


10/10 x4

9/10 x2

8/10 x2

7/10 x2

6/10 x3

5/10 x2

Several REALLY good songs a few average songs but no real duds for me. I could listen to this album from start to finish but I usually skip the radio tracks. But I think just like BD and Elevation, they will be great songs live.

I hope it continues to grow on the people that haven't found their groove with it yet.

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I don’t want the album to be a farewell album, if for no other reason than I want the band to go out on a high note, which this album is not.

I also know that U2’s sound changes from time to time to suit what’s going on or explore new territory, but the SOI/SOE style is the first time I think it didn’t really work out for them. The stand-out tracks from both albums would likely have been forgotten if they were on albums with some of the more notable hits. Slap Vertigo onto SOE and The Blackout would have been the nickname for the other 12 tracks on the album. ;)

I kid, I kid. I just think that every album had at least one legendary song (maybe not NLOTH quite so much in the eyes of most, although I think Unknown Caller is fantastic and the album itself one of the most consistently good ones in their entire catalogue), and while I enjoy a few from SOI and SOE (Summer of Love is the latest from SOE to grow on me), I just don’t think that, in an overall sense, they really delivered the goods on the sonic front. The rhythm section really brings the thunder, and I like a lot of the lyrics from both albums even in spite of some of my earlier qualms, but I just feel like the vocal and guitar styles are more pop than rock in the wrong ways.

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How did this all turn into a goodbye album? . No one can perform or write or bleed for you like they did in their 20s and 30s. This is their experience album - not their I'm hungry and have a hell of a lot to say album of their 20s. 

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On 11/21/2017 at 1:38 PM, yardie said:

Who recalls the first time they heard 'The Fly' as a first release off AB? Raised eyebrows? Always with U2, it wouldn't be the same U2 if they didn't pose the questions

I do, yardie.  I saw the video and still have goosebumps just typing this and thinking about it.  Oh my gosh, was I excited.  They sounded different.  They looked different.  That guitar and the rhythm and then Bono....


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5 hours ago, Synj said:

I mostly stuck with the old stuff, but I started listening to SoI and found a few tracks there that I really enjoyed. I still haven't delved much further into their post-Pop catalog

You did not like Zooropa?   You did NOT buy Pop??????????    That's blasphemy!!!!   j/k    What should we do....banish her or make her sign up for a verified fan due to a non purchase of Pop?   I say the latter!   

I'm just joking, of course.  I loved Zooropa.  I still do.  I still want to hear Dirty Day and Daddy's Gonna Pay live more than I can express.  Now that you are back into the band...you may want to delve into their post Pop (AND POP) material for another listen.  They've put out a lot of great stuff.  You may have been over them at the time and hear the music quite differently now that you are back into U2. Please is an amazing song and it's on Pop.  I would suggest watching the video and listening to it.  That song is as applicable today as it was back in the day.  SOI is one of my favorite of their cds.  I have not listened to SOE enough to voice my opinion quite yet.

I too committed blasphemy.  I've had a bad cold/flu bug.  I fell asleep listening to SOE, a new U2 cd, for the FIRST time.  My first listen and I zonked.  Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.  I'm sticking myself with my Pop pins, which I bought at the Pop show.  I've lost a fair amount of blood hoping I can be allowed back into the, 'U2 is the greatest band ever', club after committing such a heinous offense.

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2 hours ago, badsilver said:

How did this all turn into a goodbye album? . No one can perform or write or bleed for you like they did in their 20s and 30s. This is their experience album - not their I'm hungry and have a hell of a lot to say album of their 20s. 

I concur.  It's also a very political album.  I love, love, love that you call it an album and not a download or something of the sort.

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