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This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

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On 11/21/2017 at 2:38 PM, yardie said:

I'm tending to agree. I recall in my late teens - this band released 'The Joshua Tree'. I recall hearing the first single lifted off the album - it was called 'With or Without You' (i know you know), strange sound n all that and thinking 'what the feck is this - bit feckin wierd - this isn't 'Pride', this isn't 'Homecoming' , where is 'Bad' #2? - what the feck is this? this is slow!!

Who recalls the first time they heard 'The Fly' as a first release off AB? Raised eyebrows? Always with U2, it wouldn't be the same U2 if they didn't pose the questions

I think this release is full of 'growers' - I base that only on what I've heard - this is going to be an absolutely cool album quite possibly their best since HTDAAB, perhaps exceed that.

Th'on 'With Or Without You' turned out not to bad after all.B)








There's a lot of U2 haters out there - humans hate successful longevity as a trait.

OK, as an honest U2 fan, No Line & SOI, whilst both containing great tracks, weren't critically acclaimed, and perhaps were perceived as weaker album releases - I struggle to buy into that. There is no such thing as a bad U2 album. There is such a thing as progress though. I believe this release will be progress.

In your 50's - you will never replicate your 20's or 30's - life unfortunately curtails that to some degree - not many better than U2 at giving it a damned good go!

So true, Yardie!  

Here's to 1st December!


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I'm tending to agree. I recall in my late teens - this band released 'The Joshua Tree'. I recall hearing the first single lifted off the album - it was called 'With or Without You' (i know you know),

Lifelong fan and I can’t stop with the new songs. All of them are very solid. Blackout is fantastic so is Get out of your own way  into American Soul. Put in the amazing The Little Things That Give Yo

Any honest opinion is obviously legitimate , but one aspect of this album which I think is undeniable, is that it is an incredibly thoughtful album. It's incredibly honest, nuanced in some metaph

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no.  I am in Singapore  and according to the shipping it only shipped on 29th - so add 10 days.  I ended up buying from iTunes just now, which I am OK with because the new albums generally take a week to hit here anyway.

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I have pre-ordered the super deluxe, or whatever the big one is, am I not supposed to be able to download the album today.  This is on top of the 4 CD's I will be getting for buying tickets (2 on presale, 2 on general sale).


Anyone know????

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Just finished the 1st playthrough accompanied by a bottle of Temperanillo Gran Reserva 2009.

Spoilers ahead, abandon ship ye of little faith!

Immediately thrown for a loop, Track 1, oh they've got someone else to do the vocal! Then Bono creeps in. That was quite the head-fuck but I loved the vibe straight out of the box.

Then it's acoustic guitar...Alrighty then! I'm taking gulps of wine at this point. Do you know my name!? Dig it.

I like the next song. It's makes me feel good. I wish I'd not heard it before this night though.

Now were getting seriously into the good songs; the heart of the album. GOOYOW (that's how it's done in the Zoo, right?). I can listen to this all night all night. Was bummed that the little poem was absent from the start. Love the speech that starts at the end.

Love the start of American Soul, Summer of Love had me forcing a smile, no seriously I was like enjoying it but The Beautiful Ghost that had been visiting with me was starting to fade into the fog juice ;these middle 3 are breaking the spell. Well just drink and take in the Rock and Roll show I guess. Nod along. Tap the foot.

By the end of The Showman, I've had to open a South Australian Shiraz. (Peter Lehman).

Little things is the best thing about this record for me. Good wine, brings good times, the Ghost has taken a firm step back into the room.

Landlady Blew the roof off my little haunted house. The Blackout less so....at risk of being M.U.R.D.E.R.E.D by all and sundry. Fuck it, I'm drunk...you can't hurt me.

Love is Bigger I will revisit, it felt a lot like listening to a season of Grey's Anatomy. I didn't mind that show.

13......I put the glass down for this one. I couldn't pick it up again until the end. Enough said. Beautiful.

For me this album is like a visitation. Echoes of the past, which I really like, and haven't heard done in quite this way before. What a great risk. The middle 3 won't at this stage make it on to my portable device I'm afraid. The mix also has a LOT of compression (?) big white spaces in the loud parts. Overall production is fantastic, but would love to hear this record on Vinyl.

So that, for what it's worth, is where I'm at.

You Are ROCK and ROLL...or some ghostly ethereal spirit entity.

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