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Message for Guy, Ticketmaster and useless Verified Fans process

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I received an email from ticketmaster indicating that I am on the wait list and that is not sure that I get a code for the general sale at 10.am.

I have been a member of U2.com for more than ten years. I renewed my subscription in advance to get a presale code for the American tour. I got a presale code for the Innocence group and I tried to buy GA tickets for Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York during the Innocence presale. I was connected before the presales start and I hadn’t been able to get one ticket. I tried for more than 4 hours in front of my screen and tried again the day after.

I read on all U2 forums all the issues that happened during the presales. I didn’t complain but maybe I should have.

I was counting on the general sale to buy tickets and now it’s seems that I am on the wait list and that I won’t be able to buy a single ticket.

It’s not acceptable for me. It will be the first time of my life  that I can’t buy a ticket for a U2 show, because of the bullshit Verified Fan process and Ticketmaster.

Why writing apologizes if you make the same mistake again dear Guy..

All the scalpers got a lot of tickets, you just have to go on StubHub and Viagogo to see them all.

But true fan like me can’t have one. Is it a joke? Where is the camera hidden?


I just want to buy a ticket, is it too difficult for a manager to understand?


As U2 sing :

I’m more than you know
I’m more than you see here
I’m more than you let me be
I’m more than you know
A body and soul
You don’t see me but you will
I am not invisible
I am here


I will post this everywhere…


And when you are finished to sell your tickets to scalpers, think about sending us our subscriber ‘gift’ (don’t forget that we paid for that 9 months ago and that we are still waiting). I also made an order for a U2 necklace, hope it won’t take you 6 months to send it to me.


You consider your long time fans as s…  I don’t want your fake apologizes Guy, I want a ticket.


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