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Open letter to U2


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Dear Bono Larry Adam and Edge

i feel I need to write this to you as a long time U2 fan .I as there when you first started I was at the pub in Camden London all those years ago I fell in love with you then and have been a life long fan since been to over 200 concerts brought all the t-shirts and other bits that go with each tour and last week my dreams came true when I won a ticket to abbey road to see you (which was a great night ) But that joy has since gone as I see fellow fans heart broken as they haven't been able to get tickets in the presales some fans didn't even get codes 

now I know that there are scalpers out there and there will always be but DO you really have to stop real fans from getting tickets to see you if you really want fans only to get tickets then you need to talk to us and ask us what the best way forward is 1 way would be to give each member of the fan club a ticket when they renew their memberships I know people want to go with family and friends but at least genuine fans would have a ticket (this ticket could be instead of the long awaited gift). Another way to Stop scalpers is to Stop giving out freebe tickets to big company's who then sell on this tickets But the biggest way would be to do like you did on the zoo tour make this tickets cheap so they have on value to the scalpers I mean it's not as if you need the money nowadays I'm sure I've spent over the last 40 years of following you enough money to have paid for some of your great live style you thanks us for on tour. Well mybe you can think about giving back to your real fans stop using ticketmaster. Who tell fans that there are no tickets but have them on their partner sites at double the price  .You have asked me (fans) in the past to boycott Esso  stand up to selafeild to were a face mask to show support for (you know who) join one end poverty and AIDS  which we have all done because we believe in you and agree with you fights Well this time we need you to believe in us fans listen to your fans read some of the posts on this site take action on your fans behalf. Sort this out please

to all who read this copy it post it on tweeter email it lets get our band and their management to see this and fight for us fans

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