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From June: Ed Sheeran cancelled 10,000 tickets

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I used Ed Sheeran's Verified Fan sale last year for tickets and there were a couple specific things that Sheeran did that I think were very helpful:

1. When you were at the purchase page for the tickets, you had to click an extra button agreeing that you would not resell the tickets, and that if you did, you understood that Ticketmaster reserved the right to cancel your order.  (They weren't talking about you buying a ticket for your friend and getting paid back; it was obviously about scalping.)

2. Delivery for tickets was held until 3 days before the show - they were emailed out as late as possible.  (The concert was in NY where credit card entry is illegal; I think other venues may have made the buyer agree to CCE.) 

3. Verified Fan tickets could not be resold on Ticketmaster's scalping platform.


This is very different from the U2 Verified Sale, where Ticketmaster didn't ask you to agree not to resell the ticket, and where tickets have already been mailed out with six months or more to go before shows.  The way these tickets were sold and distributed so quickly, it's making everything as easy as possible for a scalper.

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