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GA, my tix have assigned seats ???

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Hope I will be fine....what do you think?? 

Bought GA for Vegas from Viagogo,  which scared the crackers right out of me from the start, but that's a whole another storey. 

When my tickets arrived to my "Flash Seats" account, they are GA, but have a row and a seat assigned to them.....???

I didn't think this was the case with this tour. 

Could I have been scammed, or should I be fine??

Thanks in advance guys and girls! 

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Thank you! 

We were surprised at the last RHCP tour that places had assigned seats for the floor. We caught two shows, and both were done this way. 

I knew from the first leg of the U2 tour we saw that it was good old school GA though.

I was just freaking out as I have read SO MANY bad reviews of Viagogo,  and this Flash Seats is new to me, so just wanted some piece of mind that my tickets are legit!! 

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