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Response from U2.com received today - Did not answer my question but here is some pre-sale info

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It did not address my questions, but I share the pre-sale info with you anyway


Hi gonewithbono,

Thank you for your recent email.

Due to higher than normal email volume we have fallen behind on responding to your emails. We're sorry that this has kept us from getting back to you in a timely manner and we are working diligently to get caught up.

We have had many inquiries regarding the upcoming #U2eiTour. We are happy to announce that new shows have been added and the registration has been reopened for an opportunity for U2.com Subscribers to purchase tickets to the new shows. If you have not already registered/completed Setup on U2.com and would like the opportunity to purchase tickets for the new shows make sure to follow the steps to register for the Verified Subscriber presales. Please log into your U2.com account and got to Account Info to view the instructions. http://www.u2.com/profile

If you previously completed your Setup and did not purchase tickets there is no need to register again. You will be considered registered for the new presales as well.

If your inquiry is regarding the 2017 gift. Please be advised that shipping of The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017 will start in December. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to qualifying subscribers as soon as your special gift hits the mail.

If you subscribed before 11/1/17, please don’t forget that in order to receive this four-disc vinyl set you must follow these simple steps below. (If you subscribed on or after 11/1/17 you do not need to follow these steps.)
1. Visit the PROFILE page and confirm or update your physical mailing address.
2. Click the REDEEM button, which will open a new tab, showing your order in the Shop.
3. Click PROCESS ORDER… and you’re done. (A confirmation email will follow).

For all other inquiries you can get immediate assistance and answers to common questions by visiting the FAQs at www.u2.com/help.We have done our best to answer any possible questions on that page and we hope you are able to find what you are looking for. However, if you still need assistance, please reply to this email so that we may prioritize your inquiry and respond as soon as possible.

U2.com Support

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Good to hear there have been many inquiries.  I wonder if they will publish the findings.

Or else buy a dictionary.

Edit - I take that back, having googled apparently in America there isn't the same distinction between enquiry and inquiry.




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