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Midnight Opening/Album Launch Party on Release Day in Ireland; Where's Your Launch Party At?

Vincent Boyton

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Just reaching out to any U2 fans in the Cork area, Ireland, to let you now that local record store Music Zone Douglas Village is opening just before midnight on the 1st of December for the release of Songs Of Experience. There will be live in-store music provided by an excellent local band The Burma; and Ray the owner is hoping to get a wall of local fans' memoribilia on display for the evening. I think that it might be the only midnight opening in Ireland :Zoo_Cosmo: There will also be an in-store competition for a few select items courtesy of Universal Music Ireland and the ever reliable Music Zone itself (see below)! As they say 'no purchase is necessary' (although clearly preferred) so please feel free to drop by and enjoy the craic :Zoo_Angel: You can find more details at the store's Twitter account Music Zone @MusicZoneDV

Update on running times ?

Opening at 22:30 on the 30th

Memoribilia display (and general drooling and anticipation) 22:30 to 23:15

Yes: A quiz at 23:15 !!! On all things :JT_Logo_01:

The Burma on stage at approximately 23:40

Songs of Experience on sale at 00:01 on the 1st

Competition winners announced at 00:30

Curfew at 01:00 and home to play Songs of Experience/go to bed/go out elsewhere :POP_Heart_04:

It's looking good.....................

Oh - and the in-store prizes on the night:

  • Two deluxe Boxsets )one from UMI and the other from MZ)
  • One LP
  • One deluxe CD
  • Two standard Cds
  • Five lovely Songs of Experience t-shirts (album cover - really nice!)

There's also poster so it must be official :Zoo_Baby:

And finally there's also the prospect of some free pizza and beer (and of course you can also BYO). What else would you be doing? Where's your party at???:u2-1383:

U2 SoE Music Zone Album Launch Party.jpg

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The presale code is definitely an incentive to buy on-line. U2 isn't the only act doing this mind! The midnight opening is even problematic if you have to get up for work the following day let alone travel a long distance ......but as you know from last Saturday there's nothing quite like sealing the deal in-store. That actually was my New Year resolution for 2017 'Less On-line and More In-store' We'll raise a can for you on Thursday night ? ? ?


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