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For comparison the Taylor Swift Verified Pre Sale Experience

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I think the vast majority of U2 fans(myself included) wouldn't bother. It's beyond ridiculous - they might as well just put every seat in every stadium up for auction and get it over with. 

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On 11/30/2017 at 10:36 AM, dwenn said:

So would something like this work for U2?  Would U2 fans do it?  She doesn't have a 30 year plus fan club base so that is a different factor, but I would be curious who would want to go through this for tickets?

It is a couple months later.  I did not see this thread until now.  I'm happy that they are trying to circumnavigate scalpers.  It seems hypocritical to do that and then allow scalping, with no mark-up parameters, on the same website which is trying to prevent scalping.    You asked if U2 fans would go through everything you mentioned to get tickets.  I would.  I'd stay up for days and sell whatever necessary to go see a U2 show.  It was because I could not sleep the night before the EI presale that I got my tickets.  I know I'm not the only one willing to sacrifice to see them live, as I've had discussions with other fans about how much we'd endure to see a U2 show.  It's a lot.  I hope you have or had fun at the Taylor Swift show.

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I would endure a lot to see a U2 show, but the social media gamesmanship is one step too far for me. 

I'm wary of this new reality where it's not enough to be willing to get up early, willing to wait in line, willing to pay high ticket prices... that one must also leave a very visible digital footprint just to be allowed the chance to buy tickets?

Besides, how hard would it be for the same scalpers who use bots to snatch up all of the best tickets to use those same bots to create a social media presence that would look real? 

The easiest and best way to ensure that tickets wind up in the hands of fans who intend to use them for themselves is to make ticket purchases non-transferable by requiring the purchaser to show the credit card used to purchase the tickets, government issued photo ID, and then directly enter the venue.  You just have to make it like airline tickets.  It's impossible to scalp an airline ticket since only the person it's been issued to can use it.  Make concert tickets like airline tickets, where the person buying it must be the person using it, and that's the end of scalping.  The infrastructure is already present.  I went to a show with Credit Card Entry and my ID was checked, my credit card was scanned (with the same device that would have been used to scan a ticket barcode had it been an event with paper ticketing), and it didn't add any noticeable time to entering the event.  It may require a commitment from Ticketmaster and venue operators to ensure it runs smoothly, but so what?  U2 is charging $330 for most of the tickets on this tour, Ticketmaster then adds a $50 service fee to each ticket sold at that price and a $6 order processing fee, and then most of the venues add a $5 charge on top of that.  For those prices, haven't we already paid enough to the band, Ticketmaster, and the venue to cover the cost of a system that prevented scalping?

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