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Paid subscription but can't get access

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I signed onto Ticketmaster at 6:00 pm with my code and got 2 EXCELLENT tickets so I'm happy. smile.gif


What time did you try for your tickets? I just checked and there are stil fairly good tickets available.

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So apparently this site charged us 50 dollars for access MID AFTERNOON OF DAY 2, then they push the North American time back to 6 pm and all of us getscrewed. Sure take our money but don't tell us until 2 days before the presale you CHANGED THE RULES. Then when we go on at 6 pm there aren't anytickets left. THEY EVEN PULLED DOWN THE LAST THREAD I PUT UP. I GUESS THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT MORE FOOLS JOINING SO THEY NEED TO HIDE THE TRUTH.

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