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VIP tickets

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Because you only live once and I haven't been able to get GA for either Chicago show, I just caved and got the $600 some odd VIP ticket for the second Chicago show. 


So. Who has gotten VIP tickets from past tours? What do you get? Back stage tour? Nice swag? What sort of chances of meeting the band? 


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There are different perks associated with different price levels of VIP tickets.  Here's the language for the "party" package....

Enjoy your U2 Experience with access to an exclusive pre-show party with features including a Premium reserved price level 1 ticket- Preshow buffet dinner and bar (beer & wine) *food offerings may vary- U2 Tour VIP gift- not available to general public- Access to the VIP merchandise stand- One parking space per order (where available)- Entry into a drawing for a pre show backstage tour- and an On-site VIP concierge.

That's the highest level, with the Gold and Silver packages having less attractive seats and less "stuff" (no meal or bar, etc.).  But primarily you've just paid $600 for a prime seat.  Seriously.  The food will be okay, but nothing extraordinary.  The bar is strictly beer & wine.  The "U2 Tour VIP gift" is probably a special t-shirt or poster.  The "VIP merchandise stand" may have a shorter line, but the merch (and prices) are the same at all the other stands.  The "entry into the drawing" means one winner (for a party of two people) from all the "party package" purchasers will have to arrive early to get the tour and only certain areas will be visible (it's not like you're going to hang out in the dressing rooms, believe me).  Finally that "concierge" is someone who is local, probably not even with the tour, and is provided to answer questions.  Such as "where are the closest restrooms?"  You will not meet the band.

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