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On 7/31/2018 at 2:48 AM, dermo said:

The problem with these forums is sometimes comments can be interpreted differently than intended

It is my experience that such is the problem with all of social media.  I notice it all the time.  I've done it in these forums.  It's nice to disagree and get angry and rant while being able to apologize.  I do not notice that much of the time on other social media.  Perhaps we are already ascending.  ?

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From the way the current shows are ending-the imagery of 13-doesn't it seem like SOE is wrapping up from SOI?  Is is just me?  If there was a Songs of Ascent-it seems it would need to go a new directi

I think for various practical reasons it won't become a trilogy. I think a third in terms of theme and touring might be a stretch to far. That said several artists have started releasing albums o

Not me...as I think when we hear Songs of Ascent that will surely indicate that the end is coming.

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Bono Speaking on Hoziers Cry Power podcast: 'We have this beautiful ecstatic album called Songs of Ascent.  I don't know if we'll finish it soon or it'll take forever.  It's about forever. That's its subject.  And ....  Songs of Ascent or the fifteen psalms and they're named after the fifteen steps from the womens chamber actually up to the temple in Jerusalem so it's an old idea ............ '

So it looks like Songs of Ascent might yet happen, though as was suggested by dmway previously it if it does see the light of day it will be as a stand alone project as opposed to being part of a trilogy.

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My fingers are still crossed this gets released this year or next. My hope it's the more experimental album NLOTH was going to be; a quiet, meditative, beautiful album really excites me more than them doing another "fuck off" rock and roll album. I think it would be very fitting to make the Songs concept a trilogy. If anyone close to the band reads this, know there are plenty of fans out there who still want to hear it!

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To be honest, given that this year has been so...unexpected, it wouldn't completely blow my mind if we ended up hearing this or even just one or two songs that were intended for it. Maybe there are some Ascent demos lying around? Could do with some more lockdown listening... 

That said, I think given that Songs of Innocence/Experience were marketed as a two-part era, I think this'll be a separate musical entity.

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I would love to hear Songs of Ascent However, I'd love it to be in its original Eno/Lanois form, even with the original version of Every Breaking Wave.

Unfortunately, I fear that this album will be bastardised from its original form, corrupted by Ryan Tedder's malign influence. What is originally supposed to be a meditative and contemplative album will no doubt be influxed with various generic cut and paste choruses of the like we heard on Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. If anything sums up U2 trying to create the big euphoric hits of late, it's definitely 'contrived' and 'forced' (have you ever heard a more uninspired chorus than that of The Blackout?).

It's such a massive shame that U2 feel the need to do this now. While their attempts at big hits felt organic and natural in the past, now it feels forced. You know there's something missing because the U2 I hear belt out forced anthems like California or You're The Best Thing, or insipid and sentimental like Song for Someone, is not the same spiritual, thoughtful and yearning U2 I know and love. Even then, I'm puzzled by the hiring of Tedder when they were still capable of writing big tune like No Line On The Horizon and Magnificent (although dire tunes like I'll Go Crazy suggested serious problems).

Understatement is massively underrated with U2 at the moment, and I wish that introspection was more evident. They don't need big singles, they need a fully cohesive album once more. I'd love to see Eno/Lanois partnership again. The overall poor effort of No Line was sabotaged by the band themselves by watering it down into something a lot more dull and mainstream (particularly the car crash that is the middle section) but the songs No Line, Magnificent, Moment of Surrender, White As Snow and Cedars of Lebanon suggested that the genesis of a great album was there. Ethereal, atmospheric, spiritual, soulful, hymnal and expansive in its sound when need be, it indicated the real U2 and displayed a craft and artistry sorely lacking in the shallow pop that Tedder deals in. I've seen glimpses of it in recent album (Love Is All We Have Left, the incredible Little Things That Give You Away and the reworking of the awful Song For Someone into something remarkably moving like 13).

So please, less of the cliched pop songs, less of the platitude filled dad rock (ahem, American Soul) and back to the unique qualities of what make this band so great.

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