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Stressed about buying U2 Tickets ? No Need, just choose the Ticketmaster "Platinum seat option"..... This option will put you in close proximity

to your favorite artists ! Had bad luck on your "Exclusive Fan Club Pre-sale" ? Missed out on the other exclusive "Credit Card holder and numerous other Pre-Sales" ? 

No need to worry, Ticketmaster has your back...... we can get you the seats that you want..... all you have to do is...... give up 1-2 months rent/mortgage payments, any money you had set aside to by Loved Ones Christmas presents, to hell with with gas in your car...you can walk, it's better for you ! . Want to eat ? I am sure you have been wanting to shed some unwanted pounds anyways...Saving for college ? College here in the U.S.ofA. is overrated anyways.... Where was I ? oh ! Yes !, here at Ticketmaster we work closely with your favorite Artists to make sure you can enjoy the show from the seats that you want without all the hassle of trying to buy tickets with all of the rest of the populated world. So Come On ! Buy a  Platinum Ticket ! Enjoy the show ! Get all the Feels from your Favorite Artist by way of an up close and personal experience that only Ticketmaster can bring ! Whoo Hoo !! Thank you and Please come Again... Your Friends at Ticketmaster (And Live Nation, And any other money grubbing entity that can put you in close proximity to you most Favorite Artist ! 

Merry Christmas Folks ! I Love you all, might not see you at the show ...... hicksong

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