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eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe


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Just now, AlanScotland1 said:

I have my CD code too. But certainly don't expect to get any GA in that presale. I'm sure all that will be available will be expensive seats.

Yeah probably. Hopefully the concert Gods will smile on me tomorrow and get me a GA ticket.


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20 minutes ago, wtonis said:

I got an email from U2.com about the presales this morning. This was said about the retail presales

Additionally, fans who pre-ordered Songs of Experience with participating retailers prior to 30 November, 2017 are also eligible for a presale opportunity for shows in the UK, Germany, France Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, and Holland. Eligible fans will receive a unique code allowing access for a limited presale opportunity beginning Monday, 22 January (9am) until Wednesday, 24 January (5pm) subject to availability while supplies last and limited to 2 tickets per code. (*Please note, a code does not guarantee a ticket.)

...Ireland is mentioned as well for retail presale, but we haven't got Irish dates.....

Is that an email you got in reply to a question, or simply the newsletter that was sent out? In any case the text is the same but I hadn't noticed the "Ireland" in there. Just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Why can't they think about that stuff before announcing a presale... 

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On 16/01/2018 at 3:02 PM, englishsid said:

Great news!   Already excited...

Anyone have thoughts/experience on Redzone from the IE tour?   is it worth it?   I had GA at the O2 in 2015 and was on the barrier by the E stage; had RZ for Paris last year and thought it was amazing.  So what to buy on Thursday?
The US ticket sites seem to suggests it's not that close to the I stage and walkway...

hi everyone! 

About red zone, what to think/do?

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