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eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

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57 minutes ago, angelshe said:

Does anyone think that more London dates will be added?  Not sure whether to risk saving my code for further dates.

Most probably. Made a mistake during the last tour to trust the marketing which was promising that there will be two shows but very very different from each other with a set list aso. Unfortunately not true. But at least two shows everywhere, some places three so they will come up after the first ticket rush is done.

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Oh for heavens sake give the Mods a break!  He said, she said, this said this, this said that....  it’s a stressful time, it’s emotive,  we all want tickets, we don’t want ‘new’ subscribers to get fir

ooops ...just realised I was logged into my husbands account (BrunoDog)...he won’t be pleased that Ive had a rant on his behalf.

Regarding the album presale codes: I called Universal who says that they just provide the code and TM is in charge. TM in turn says that I need to ask Universal. And u2.com doesn't know. Which le

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On 1/16/2018 at 3:02 PM, englishsid said:

Great news!   Already excited...

Anyone have thoughts/experience on Redzone from the IE tour?   is it worth it?   I had GA at the O2 in 2015 and was on the barrier by the E stage; had RZ for Paris last year and thought it was amazing.  So what to buy on Thursday?
The US ticket sites seem to suggests it's not that close to the I stage and walkway...

I did the RZ twice in Glasgow I & E tour, first time right at the end of the stage on the rail, Adams side and he came over quite a lot, Bono came over a few times too, Edge never came near us, had some good views of main stage side on but the B stage was a bit lost on us, at least we had the screens. Second night we were half way down, good, view of screens, could see the B stage a bit better but missed the close up's.

Done Red Zone on the Joshua Tree tour one back from rail and I would say it was far better placed than the I & E tour............saying that I'm trying for RZ again for this tour. :D

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Hi, the I&E tour was the first I've missed since first going to zooropa due to a baby (she got her own JT t-shirt this Xmas ?). I've also never seen them in an arena. For elevation I was away travelling and just got back to see them at slane. So I'm really excited for an arena. I'm hoping for at least Manchester (x2) and London.

So question for you folk that saw I&E. I normally do GA and sometimes RZ. As this is smaller venues what is best: GA, seats or RZ? RZ looks away from the stage so was thinking a mix of GA and seats. GA to enjoy the energy and seats to take it all in.

If seats, where are the best views, is it parallel to the big screen and on a lower tier?

Finally, if you were to go to another  Europe show what would you advise, other than Dublin. I was thinking Berlin might be cool with the hansa studios.

Sorry for all the questions and good luck tomorrow/Friday.


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3 minutes ago, Cazza said:

Oh no! Where did you see that infornation about not being able to use your code to  get tickets  for different shows?

It’s in the email u2.com sent with your code.



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From the FAQ in the HELP page (http://www.u2.com/help)


How many tickets can I buy in the presale for U2eiTour European dates?
U2.com Subscribers can use their presale code to buy up to 2 tickets in one transaction for one show.


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Thanks again Max. Had not prpcessed that info yet but :( to that change.

Dont think I will be renewing subscription after this tour. All the changes are so disappointing. It obs means you can be left with a code or a ticket you won't use. 

Good luck to people this morning trying to get tickets. Hopw you get what you want.

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