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Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

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2 hours ago, BrooklynU2Fan said:

I saw them in 2005 and it was an amazing experience. I met people from all over the world and the vibe was amazing. We did a U2 walking tour the next day, where two locals took us to the pubs they first played at, Windmill Lane studios and played U2 songs along the way. Every pub was blasting U2 music. 

My friend and I did GA. We got there around noon but got pushed and shoved so many times so we ended far from our original spot. People who showed up at 6pm were closer to the stage than we were. So, if you’re doing GA, don’t stress too much about getting there early. 

I'm getting too old for GAs, even though I was right on the rail for 2nd show at SAP Center, in San Jose. The crowd around us was super-cool. We all agreed to look out for each (i.e. saving each other's spots during bathroom/bar breaks). But I'm guessing the crowd in Dublin might be a bit more boisterous and feisty.

I'd love to get me some Reserved Seats, but they are sold out. I'd love to know how to do it.

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I went to Dublin for I&E and it was great! Dublin is a nice compact city good for walking and plenty of cab or bus options. Definitely stay away (do not get a room!) from Temple Bar, overpriced pu

If you can, definitely get to Dublin for this tour. It was mind-blowing in 2015!! I've been over for Croke Park and RDS on prior tours, but seeing them indoors in their hometown was another level. 

We might be a little country but there is alot more to it than Dublin. Go beyond the pale and spend some of your hard earned dollars in other parts of the country  ;-)

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