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Hi, welcome to Cologne And welcome to the jungle of German bureaucracy Usually, if you have a car that's authorized in another country, and if you want to drive through a "Umweltzone" (enviro

Hi Saydee, P1 are the first and second level seats where you can see the screen (200, 300 and 600 numbers). Anywhere in 204, 205, 206, 207 or 217 are the beste seats in my opinion. P2 are th

Hi Saydee, Good for you. On septembre 5 I will be in Block 219, row 10, seat 21. Hope to see you there.

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3 hours ago, cinock said:

Need confirmation quickly.... i take train tomorrow in the morning from Paris ...

In case it gets cancelled, can you still cancel hotel and train? 

We’re taking the train on tuesday, wit or without a show. High speed train tickets and a hotel, both without cancellation possible ... so Köln here we come anyway ?

If it should be postponed, we’ll just make a second Köln visit out of it ... Luckily we don’t live that far (an hour by hs train or a bit longer by car). We went for the train this time to avoid any hassles with parking and the ‘environmental vignette’ in the city. 

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On 3/17/2018 at 11:40 AM, themis said:

Hi! I'm going to Lanxess Arena from Liège in Belgium. 
It's the first time I go to that arena, do I need the Umweltplakette (environment badge)?
Thanks for your answer. 


We’re practically neighbors then ... J’habite à Tongres ?. Tu vas en voiture? Nous prenons le train à Liège Guillemins à 9h15 mardi matin ...

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28 minutes ago, SAYDEE said:

I arrived to Madrid yesterday. Tonight I’ll arrive to Cologne, well, 12 am is tomorrow ? I’ll stay in the airport until 6 am or when the light shines ? 

Quite a trip you have made then to come over ??.

Have fun ... we might run into eachother in Cologne ?

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