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presale code


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Just now, paola2071 said:

good evening i'm in the experience group but i'havent recived the presale code why?

Please check your profile (http://www.u2.com/profile) and the TOUR page (http://www.u2.com/tour)... If you are eligible to receive a code, it should be there...

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1 minute ago, paola2071 said:

there is no code my subscription is valid until February 2019 I renewed specifically in December before the deadline, unfortunately I'm not the only one not having received the codes

can you call one of the numbers on http://www.u2.com/help - they should be able to investigate

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6 minutes ago, comlag said:

Hi! I have upgraded my subscription, my card was charged with $50, I got a confirmation email the U2 site but I haven't received my code. Neither my profile page nor tours page don't show my code. Could anyone please help me ASAP since the resale starts in 12 hours? Thanks

From the FAQ in www.u2.com/help


Who qualifies to get a presale code?
Subscribers who did not purchase 2 tickets for the North America #U2eiTour dates, and Subscribers who renewed their subscription after using a code to purchase tickets to the #U2eiTour North America last year. (Note – subscribers can only renew within 30 days of your expiration date.) Updated Jan. 17.

nevertheless, please call the customer support service [(855) 867-5297 (inside the US) | +1(949) 333-4820 (outside the US)] and explain your situation...

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Was telling a work friend at 9.50am this morning, that I was waiting to purchase U2 pre-sale tickets. He asked how I managed/was able to do that. I explained about being a paid member. By 9.55am, he’d signed up to this site, & managed to get a pre-sale code! He’s never been a member before. I was gobsmacked. Surely people shouldn’t be able to do that? I’m stunned it was possible.

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