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Songs youd love to hear on this tour

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I Thew A Brick,, Two Hearts, Last Night on Earth

I think it would be really interesting to see "One" moved to a much earlier part of the set.  Ever since 1997, for over twenty years now, you go to a U2 show and you not only expect to hear that song,

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On 3/18/2018 at 11:43 AM, DeirdreBell said:

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that rehearsal room!

I know.  Then, after my enthusiasm turns to  I've 'experience'd that clip...all I can think when I watch is how awful the sound is.  We need closer seats!

I would also like to hear a kick ass version of Desire.

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Anything and everything from Pop.

Always happy to hear the lesser played songs from Achtung Baby and Zooropa.

I'm a little mixed on the new album.  I think the first song is great, I think the first half of the second song is great, and then it kinda loses me until The Showman, which I think is great, and I think from there to the end of the album is brilliant.  So I'd love to hear tracks 1, 2 (love the beginning, but am really bored by the "see yourself to be yourself" chorus at the end), 8-13.  I'm preparing for the idea that they'll probably play all of the stuff I don't love from the record, and very few of the ones I do.

I would really be okay to miss songs like Pride (In The Name Of Love) this time around - that's not a reflection on the song itself, but just the fact that it was played every single night of the 2015 tour and every single night of the 2017 tour.  I think the setlist has become a little crowded with songs that the band has played a ton in previous years, and I think they could afford to rotate some of those songs.  Just the way that Bullet The Blue Sky was featured at almost every single show from the original Joshua Tree tour through the end of the Vertigo tour, and then skipped the 360 tour, or the way that Sunday Bloody Sunday took a rest during ZooTV and some of PopMart, I'd like to see a couple of the warhorses taking a similar break this time around.  It's not that I dislike the songs, but U2 have so many great songs that never get played that I'd like to see some other songs getting a turn.  And I'm not even suggesting that they replace hit songs with obscure songs.  They have enough big hits that haven't been played in a long time that I think they could easily take out a couple of those warhorses, replace them with equally popular songs, and the audience wouldn't even notice they were gone until they thought about it on the way home.

I'd also love to see a different ending to the show.  Many of the 2015 and 2017 shows ended with "One" and it felt maybe a little obligatory rather than passionate.  "One" was also the closing number for PopMart, the second to last number for Elevation, the main set closer for Vertigo, and an encore for 360.  I think it would be exciting to have shows on this new tour ending a little differently.  Could be a new song, could be an old song, but I think it would be fun to see U2 ending the show with a song that hadn't been used extensively as a closing song before.

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Interesting that you bring up One. I'd be glad to see it gone entirely as it's never really had a rest ever, save for that one I+E show. I realize the significance of it for the bad, as well as its enduring popularity, makes that unlikely, however.

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