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Does BONO really supports Mr. LULA?


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I am a 49 year old Brazilian that have been a U2 fan since 1979. Throughout the years I have to say that I have been very loyal to the band, even when people would criticize them for putting out new material, or for Bono's outspoken nature. In a sense I have always been proud to be a fan, part of something...a movement, an idea. But as Bono and U2's team is probably aware, there have been news that Bono was willing to go to Brazil to provide his support to LULA da Silva. Needless to say, LULA will enter to the "hall of infamous". He lied to the Brazilian people, he lost his way, and with that he became complacent with the epidemic corruption that has robbed all Brazilians of better hospitals, schools, and basic infrastructure. Bono has a responsibility, not only with the country of Brazil, but with all others that know who Lula is and what it represents. Lula is in the same team of Maduro, Fidel, Chavez, and now TRUMP. So, BONO has the responsibility to either clarify what his position really is or to let everyone knows that this is a HOAX. Unfortunately, if his position is to support this criminal, then he will not only lose me, but a huge majority of not only Brazilians, but many other fans that understand what it is to be ruled by a corrupt government.

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