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Pre Sale 8 oct extra concert A'dam


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Will there also be an album purchase pre-sale?

Due to the overnight "one transaction" rule I cannot use my Experience code for this second concert... :(

(I now did buy one extra GA ticket to swap; if needed)

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3 hours ago, MiekeVanSchijndel said:

Just got a mail from bol.com album retail presale is on 31 january.

The information re the album presage has been so inadequate. Not linked with this website or band so no criticism. All that was needed was a simple, you can keep the album presale code and use it for the Dublin and Belfast shows or any possible shows (if any) that are subsequently announced. Instead folks were told the code was for a limited period of time. 

Doesn’t impact on me but does for many who were not sure whether to use it or not. Some may have waited and risked getting better tickets.

Apologies if this info was made clear somewhere and I have missed it but it was not in the info I was sent from the retailer. My tickets are grand but lack of adequate info bites too many.

As Bono once said at Slane “communication, talk to each other” . Take note retailers. He speaks wise words.

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On 28-1-2018 at 12:02 PM, ronald_massink said:

Anyone got a link to an updated retail-presale page for the added dates? The link I got from my retailer leads me to a page without the new dates. 


But this is of course only for the Netherlands, whereas the link that you mention referred to all European shows that went on sale last week.

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