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Dublin eXPERIENCE pre-sale - TM says 10am, U2.com says 9am...

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Hi all.

I'm nervously awaiting these pre-sales like many others...  thanks to all who have shared their experiences from the shows that have already gone on sale.

I note that U2.com/tour states that tomorrow's eXPERIENCE pre-sale for Dublin begins at 9am local time.  This matches the email that I received from U2.com.

I believe that earlier today, the information on Ticketmaster.ie also said the same.  However as of right now, Ticketmaster states that it starts at 10am local time.  See here - screenshot attached:



Same applies for the innocence presales... U2.com now says 9am Wednesday (although I am nearly sure it previously said 10am).  Ticketmaster says 10am.


Can one of the mods please clarify, or pass this along to somebody who can notify Ticketmaster?


U2 TM presale.JPG

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Adding 2 Dublin dates to presale without notice is the cherry on top of this tour presale epic fail 

what more can we do? I think you might want to take a break from the Zoo for a short while, as I have said a number of times now, tickets are still available. Its up to you to keep trying for them or

should rectify itself nearer the time (we are told 9AM is the current start time)

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12 minutes ago, kellster217 said:

So, is it 9am in Boston, USA, or 9am in Dublin that tickets go on sale?

Dublin should go on sale at 9 (in Dublin) but tm.ie says 10am. Confusing as always...

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