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Dublin eXPERIENCE pre-sale - TM says 10am, U2.com says 9am...

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Just now, Russ Zara said:

Hello everyone! 

Question; if another U2.com subscriber gifts you their code and you have already used your code, would there be an issue using it?  Would you get all your tickets revoked and your U2.com subscription taken away?

presale codes are personal and non-transferable... you are risking tickets and accounts cancellation...

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13 hours ago, A boy called Trampoline said:

GA sorted.  Thanks Bigwave and all for help.  

I'm continually baffled at the stupid mistakes and confusion between U2.com and Ticketmaster...  anyways all's well that ends well.

Ticketmaster Ireland are crap, particuarly with shows in the north.   Quite often they only add them at the last minute so even searching for something brings nothing up.


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I.m from Ireland heard the rumours of 4 dates but when only 2 dates came up for Dublin was afraid they won.t announce any more . So got Monday tickets in 3 mins this morning delighted but would have loved sat date . To my shock at 4 today they announced the 3rd and 4th date . As a long term subscriber I had only a choice of 2 dates . Now the innocence group have all dates to pick from . Bad form from u2.com they would want to start looking after there long term subscribers more . Very angry at what they did today 

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