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MSG Presale 1/30

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8 minutes ago, JCF said:

It seems to appear that we have new codes, and they might work if use them (I have read some reports of them working for folks who also bought 2 tix in November with the old code), BUT we are supposed to understand that it's against the rules and if we do get more tickets to NYC3 with the new code, all our tickets *could* be audited and cancelled. This is what folks are saying elsewhere on this board who have called U2.com for verification. You would only know this from reading all the posts on the boards.  

Yeah, I had a GA for MSG3, but figure I'll try my luck with the public sale. Ugh... although my other code was used for Philly, which isn't even a Ticketmaster venue, so it did seem less likely to get audited, but better to be safe... heh.

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Hi All,

Just to test it out, I wanted to see if my code would work for MSG3 experience presale despite purchasing two tix with my code in November. During the November Verified Fan presale, my code was denied after I purchased my two tix. Today, the code was accepted and was able to pull up 1 GA. 

Based on the ticket cancellation rules, I did not purchase today's ticket. However,  the mods and folks at u2.com may want to explore how to permanently block a code after the allotment has been used up. I can imagine there are some people willing to take the risk at the expense of other fans not getting tickets, which is a bummer. Anyway, good luck to everyone in their ticket buying process.

- Andrew 

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