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what is your opinion about this?


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I've been thinking and I reckon they should only sell 2 tickets to each person for a show in the general sale, but for as many shows as you like.


Ive seen "markyboy" and others t**** on ebay selling a few pairs of Wembley GAs. Most fans only need 2 tickets for a show, it would stop peoplebuying them for friends - if the friends REALLY want to go they should buy tickets themselves.


Instead, people are taking 6 at a time, meaning less of the people who are sitting at a PC at 9am get the tickets which seems unfair since they're the onesmaking the effort.


One guy here got his hands on 12 Cardiff GAs - he's using them to trade for other shows, that's fair enough I guess. But he's probably theexception - I bet a lot of people buy 6 then put 4 on ebay, or give the spare ones to people who aren't big U2 fans.


Thankfully I got the tickets I was after, thanks to the pre-sale mostly. I'm only bothered because people here are missing out and it's unfair.

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