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Innocence and Cit presales the same time?

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I had the unfortunate coincidence of having jury duty (GRR!!!) at the same time the Innocence presale started today, but when was able to start trying for tickets around 1pm I noticed that the Citi presale option was there.  I happen to have a Citi card so I tried it once I got home tonight and unlocked seats.  So, does the innocence group have the same shot at tickets as Citibank card holders?  I seem to remember them being staggered in November, so there was more of an advantage to being a fanclub member.  Although now that I've written all this, there's almost no advantage to being in the innocence group, since you could also just join the fanclub today.  I even saw a button on Ticketmaster that would take care of that for you at the same time you buy a ticket.  

Having said all that, did anyone in Innocence group get GA's for MSG3?  I got nuthin.

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Sorry- can’t help w/ the tix u want but, ‘have to say that back in Nov. Presale I was in Innocence group and was shut out completely from GA and Any good closet seat tix due to my not having a Citibank card!... I believe that was due to Ticketmaster preference given to Citibank card holders. I ended up with 2nd level tix- they were the ‘best’ that cd be gotten @ that pt. - but now there are various seats available all over but @ inflated prices. What a circus!

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