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5 hours ago, doctornickriviera said:

Happy to only hear streets live from the JT on this tour.

Yes me too - I think anything else is just a bit overkill having just had TJT tour.  I wonder if they’ll just miss it out totally as it was such an iconic part of the Joshua Tree tour, would be hard to beat that set up with the red screen and all.  

I’ve fallen in love with ‘Gone’ all over again so hope that comes up.  I’d love some real old stuff too - fire, Gloria etc. Yes - 11 o’clock tick took that has been said.   Ooh and The Unforgettable Fire too.  I agree with Cazza about bullet the blue sky - it doesn’t do it for me.  I can’t be alone there as in Dublin for The Joshua Tree, loads of people left while that was on - a good time for a beer or toilet break!

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Lights of Home (Strings intro) Your'e The Best Thing About Me Get Out Of You're Own Way I Will Follow Electric Co Vertigo ISHFWILF Kite Song For Someone So

Happy to only hear streets live from the JT on this tour.

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9 hours ago, Heather S said:

 I agree with Cazza about bullet the blue sky

I'm hoping they play Love And Peace Or Else instead of Bullet.  Bullet did fit in well, I thought, with the IE tour setlist.  I want to hear Love and Peace live again.  It was great on the Vertigo tour.

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I love it live......the will they won't they do Stars part always has me on edge (so to speak). When they did stars in Glasgow second night of I & E it all got very emotional.....must of been a lot of dust in the arena as i had tears in my eyes.:D

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On 2/1/2018 at 1:43 PM, crisp said:

I Will Follow / Mofo

Is this a thing??!!

I think it would be cool to have a dark, banging first set (think Mofo, American Soul, Crystal Ballroom, This is where You Can Reach Me Now, God Part I) followed by an introspective interior (Little Things, Every Breaking Wave, Summer or Love) and then just a ridiculously, exuberantly joyful second set with songs like Streets, Ordinary Love Remix, Beautiful Day, Landlady, Love is Bigger. Sort of a journey from innocence to experience. "A musical journey" as Larry would say, lol.

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On 2/22/2018 at 1:48 AM, doctornickriviera said:

Does anyone else think with or without you doesn’t work that well live? It’s one of my fave songs , but I’ve always felt a bit meh after hearing it live.  It might just be the vast stadium acoustics that kill the epic intro mind.

Same here. 

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I'm wondering if they are going to bookend the shows with Love is All We have Left and There is A Light.  I'm wondering if the show is going to start and end with those.  I'd imagine Love is Bigger is gonna be the last song and then maybe There is A Light is played as the house goes back up to whole.  I'm also wondering if the house might go to half and then Love is All We have Left is piped through while the house goes to whole...then the band kicks in live with Lights of Home.  Who knows?  It sure will be fun.   It's going to be very difficult to not know until May 22 in Chicago.  We should have SOE spoiler alerts? 

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I'm going to try to balance realism with my wishlist:

1) The Blackout
2) You're the Best Thing About Me
3) Song for Someone/13 blend
4) All I Want Is You (Walk to the Water snippet)
5) A Sort of Homecoming
6) City of Blinding Lights OR Love and Peace or Else (if the latter, drop it behind LNOE)
7) Elevation OR Beautiful Day
8) Every Breaking Wave
9) Get Out of Your Own Way
*Intermission/Kendrick Lamar interlude to e-stage portion)
10) American Soul
11) The Fly OR EBTTRT
12) Zoo Station
13) Mysterious Ways
14) Dirty Day OR Stay
15) Gone
16) Last Night on Earth
17) Moment of Surrender OR Unknown Caller
18) Bad
19) The Little Things That Give You Away

20) Where the Streets Have No Name
21) Electric Co. OR Out of Control OR I Will Follow
22) Gloria OR I Fall Down OR I Threw a Brick
23) New Years Day OR SBS
24) Vertigo
25) Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way

I developed this to include something from every album (sans Original Soundtracks 1), and also to fulfill at least a bit of wishful thinking. It wouldn't be my dream setlist, but it combines a little bit of reality with desire.

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1. The Blackout
2. I will follow
3. The electric co 
4. Vertigo 
5. Lights of home 
6. You're the best thing about me
7. Get out of your own way
8. American Soul
9. Bullet the blue Sky
10. Red Flag day
11. Summer of love
12. Sunday Bloody Sunday 

Intermission - Zooroopa 

13. Love is all we have left 
14.Where the Streets have no name 
15.Beautiful Day 
16. City of Blinding Lights
17.Love and Peace or Else
18.Miracle Drug 
19. Landlady
20. The little things that give you away 
21. With or Without you
22. 13 (There is a light)

encore -

23. Discotheque 
24. New Years Day 
25. Bad/40
26. Kite
27. Love is bigger than anything in its way


More of a Wishlist than a prediction! 

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