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Favourite Tour Moments


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Hi Eveyone,

My first post on here, although I have been a member on and off for a good few years.

My first U2 concert, attended, was during the Unforgettable Fire tour at Milton Keynes bowl.

Pouring rain, sound problems but still so many memories, like sliding down the grass verges either side of the bowl.

This got me a thinking, what are our favourite tour/hairs standing up on the backs on necks moments.

I have a couple, the walk on at the start of the original Joshua Tree tour with the opening of streets ringing out, at Wembley stadium.

Secondly the zoo tv tour, during Bullet The Blue Sky, where the flaming crosses turn to swastikas with the words don’t / will it happen again - scary thought.

Moments my friends and I still talk about to this day.

What are your favourite moments, guy’s?

My name is Mark, by the way.

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Dublin Joshue Tree Tour when some drunk idiot knocked a tray of beer out of my hand and all over me .A lad from Belfast stopped me from decking him and the Gardai & Stewards took the drunk fool out  of the stadium...About 20 minutes later 2 Gardai came down to my seat with a try of beer for me .Was a incredible moment and everyone around me just looked on in complete shock.

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360 in Chicago.  I was under that awful, awful overhang.  My friend said, "We'll just make the best of it.".  I thought, 'No way.  I did not pay $300 for this.'.  I politely asked until I found the house manager and he put us in the front row right by the stage.  The next night he put us in the front row by the stage and we only had GAs.  I had gotten injured.  The third show, on another leg, he said, "I'm sorry but I don't have that row.  Is row seven on the side by The Edge okay?".   We had GAs for that show too.  I couldn't do them.  It's the only time, in all my U2 shows, that I've been over by The Edge.  Row seven was just fine.  My favorite moment was hearing Zooropa again.  Wow.

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