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On 08/02/2018 at 6:54 PM, zoodog1 said:

Well I  am  in the U.K. GA tickets were showing unavailable  minutes after going on sale . Which were priced reasonably. If you think that £440 for  two seats in row Z is not outrageous, then you must have more money than sense.

As for the screens ,I guess people have different tastes.I myself am old school and feel that they detract from the intimicy of the show.

You didnt come all the way out here to watch tv now, did you?

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16 hours ago, zoodog1 said:

I wonder, would you be so nonchelant and  dismissive if you were unable to aquire tickets to the shows that you wanted to go to ? I see you have multiple tickets for several shows and I cannot fault you for that.(I wish I could go globetrotting with U2).But when you are 3 minutes into a presale and the only tickets that are available are £200+ , for your local (ish) area , I think you have a right to be a little bit pissed.Even more so if you saved your code for Dublin and used it for tickets for the Monday-Tuesday shows only to be informed just 8 or 9 hours later that there would be shows on the Friday and Saturday.

Wrapping it up as you just seem to want to start a debate, which I have no interest in participating in.

I started off with writing in my very first post that i might be born under a lucky star, but at the same time I happily pay my 40$ every year as the Experience Group helps me get some of the tickets I really want... the rest is a gamble, and trust me I do not always get my first priority location or day.

One fact is though you have to make it into Ticketmaster in first wave if not, you will not get tickets...In Denmark Ticketmaster let in 8000 people in one go, there is not even enough tickets for the ones in the first wave, with an Arena capacity of 15.000....

Hope you manage to swap with someone and enjoy U2 in the fall! Have a great weekend.



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