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What song can you live without ever hearing live again by the band?

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I say this with the caveat that I wasn't at the show last night, and that shows have the potential to play very differently in person than they read on paper.

But with that said... the opening night setlist of the 2018 tour featured a total of 13 songs that I had heard on the 2015 tour.  I was genuinely hoping for more variety, and more new songs.  Which is not to say that it's a bad show or anything, but I'm surprised that it's so very similar to the I&E version of the tour.

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I agree with the people who say they use need to mix it up every time they go out. Give some songs a rest, let us miss them, and then bring them back refreshed / revitalized. 

However, there are a handful of songs that have either never done it for me or that I'm just tired of:

  • Still Haven't Found (this is among my least favorite U2 hits, weird I know)
  • Elevation
  • Stuck in a Moment
  • Sweetest Thing (not really played that much so it's not a major problem)

Honestly that's all I'm coming up with, though. I get people who are tired of Mysterious Ways / Real Thing / One, but I never get tired of anything from Achtung Baby. With or Without You is great when they play it properly but I feel like they didn't do that until they went back to the drawing board for the JT2017 tour and played it like they did back in 1987. 

Like many others, I'd be fine with them dropping stuff like Beautiful Day, Vertigo, Pride, etc. and replace those with other songs from the era that get played less often. 

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On 4/16/2018 at 6:08 PM, apis38 said:

One, Pride, COBL, Elevation

And Beautiful Day, WOWY.

Some are overplayed (One, Pride, WOWY), some just aren't played very well any more (Elevation, Beautiful Day) so they all lose the effect they used to have. I wouldn't mind they were interchanged with other songs during shows. So they're more rarer now.... 

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A little more rotation would be spiffing. 

I'm overjoyed to hear ABOY is back, for example. But then again, I'd prefer they rotate Red Flag / Gloria instead of NYD ; NYD has been played on almost every tour ever, and it should have a break. Swap out Elevation / COBL for other songs. The problem is U2 have 'too many' hits, if you can have such a thing. 

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