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Resilience Thread

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My thoughts turn to war like i turn on the tv

its not hard to do because its right in front of me.

some say the fire only needs a spark

is this it, or a stab in the dark.


Poisonous world beautiful world world without peace.

Monsters without mercy blood everywhere. They look on from there high perch but they dont care

Oh world oh beautiful world with rotten weeds what say you and what of your needs.


Send in the clowns for my face is downtrodden, why my oh my there goes another flash in the sky

The cowards war has no face, no honor among theives as the steal through the night snuffing out lives till there hearts delight

Alas i see no end to this plight. It goes on and on and you can see it on facebook tonight.


Monsters of this world my message to you is look at your children, are they monsters too.

No they are innocent of there Fathers crimes. See there beauty and think back to when you were young

Now bathe in the sun. Or if you are inheritantly evil then burn in hell.

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