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What is your favorite U2 era and why?


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Thats the beautiful thing about U2, each decade is unique and appeals to different people.  My favorite era is the 90's.  The complete reinvention of themselves blows my mind anytime I think of it.  The transition from the Rattle and Hum U2 to the Achtung Baby U2 is night and day.  Took balls and I am so glad they did it.  AB, Zooropa, and Pop have meant more to me than any other music ever created and I credit them for helping me through the rough teenage years.  

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The Joshua Tree era is my favorite.  Those were the days their music led me on new paths of incredible discovery! I have so many memories associated with their music during that time of my life the later college years. As a woman who is 50 something,  that period's music makes me feel the hopefulness of my youth all over again! 

Great question u2guitarnab852! Thanks for posting it!

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