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4 hours ago, Shannon387 said:

I'm seeing the band in a week!   I cannot wait!

Seeing the GA lineup madness is continuing makes me thankful to have seats.

Right... spoilers... ?

Enjoy all!

Why I originally peeked my head in... 

Ive seen the merch and now I know the band are open to meeting fans. Info needed, check. Thank you. 

...aaaand Im out. 

Enjoy Tulsa!! 

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I just spoke with people at the BOK Center.  They said that the line starts with the first person in line at the time announced.  Nobody with magic marker numbers will be allowed to skip ahead of whom

first of all - everyone have a great time tonight, those of us who cannot attend opening night are mega jealous!  For those having angst about the GA line, the heavy metal band Iron Maiden does a cool

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At the I+E tour i was on the floor but on the rail against the Red Zone.  If you are on the rail for the long, skinny cat walk where the screen is, can you tell what is happening in the screen or are you too close? Also, I imagine it was even harder to tell when It was raised above the cat walk. Correct?

Would the screen also block your view of the main and small stages when it is down?

Any help would be greatly  appreciated. I'd like to be close on the side rail but also don't want to miss the visuals.



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3 hours ago, Shannon387 said:

Check the GA line. There's always extras to buy.

I hope so.. I missed the release and hit up everyone here saying they had 1 but all gone :( 

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2 hours ago, Shannon387 said:

Youre preaching to the choir. But I have anxiety. I have had an anxiety attack at a concert once ( long story & not U2 related) & full on dont remember the concert. For me Its more about putting myself first is all, I just don't have the desire to argue with a gang of superfans. I see many of the same people at the U2 concerts. There are more if them then there are me. Me, Id just like to enjoy myself & have a good time. 

Best of luck to those who are fighting to do GA the right way. I wish you luck. 

Side note, for the record, Im not one of the “bullies” running the lines. ( Well depending on who you ask, Im not winning any popularity contests anytime soon). Ive been around this forum for over 10 years. Ive simply just seen & experienced enough. Im doing seats for different dates. 

I understand the frustration but dont think this thread is the right spot to vent frustration or anger about it. Im definitely not the right person. Best of luck.

I realized I posted in the wrong section.  Pardon me.  I've been around here for a long time too.  I did not mean to preach.  I don't like people obeying rules and others getting preferential treatment when they did not. What angers me is that you should be able to do GA without anxiety, should you choose to not get seats. Nothing more. I read your comments all the time, Shannon.  I enjoy them.  I never thought you a bully.

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3 hours ago, Manohlive said:

SEC 113 ROW N SEATS 10-11------$115 each.   Resale tix so they are verified. 

These seats are now avaialable again.  The price has dropped to $107.

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It's May 2nd EDT! In less than 30 minutes, it's May 2nd CDT - which means it will be showday in Tulsa! :o

SOE Tour time! B)

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