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Being On The Skinny Rail Worth It?


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9 hours ago, bgans said:

@504jumper - thank you for this advice! My daughter & I were on the rail on the other side of the catwalk, because of it. The show was fantastic! We were between Edge & Adam for Cedarwood Road. I'm only 5'2 (my daughter's 5'7"), so seeing Edge when he was on the main stage was tough, but a minor quibble, all things considered. Particularly since we had an absolutely clear sightline to Adam when they were on that stage and barely had to lean over the rail to see Larry & Bono. No, we couldn't see the screen, and to be honest, I didn't really care. My husband wanted to see the screen, so he stayed back, along the RedZone rail, but at 6'1", he was able to see over people's heads to see the stage, which I can't do.




@bgans, so glad my suggestion helped. I'm 5'4" and know exactly how you feel. I'm a GA Floor guy all the way, but there have been shows where I spent good amount of time peering between taller people's heads, which was just about everybody. I don't always get GA floor tickets because of this, but the floor is where I want to be,

The rail is the best if you want to be on the floor and you're short. I like you, couldn't see the screen either, but would rather focus on the band members. They do such a great job moving around to that everyone gets a chance to see them up close.

This is a great shot of Edge!

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On 5/2/2018 at 3:00 AM, NickMode said:

 If you are on the rail for the long, skinny cat walk where the screen is, can you tell what is happening on the screen or are you too close?

Would the screen also block your view of the main and small stages when it is down?

If you're at the rail it's pretty tough to see the screen in any meaningful way.  But a lot of the imagery is the same from I+E when I could tell from craning my neck - ex: Iris, Cedarwood, UTEOTW, SBS  That said, if you are on the rail, you should accept you're there to be as close to the fellas as possible and imagery be damned.  Also could not get the AR app to work.  The screen blocks about half the stage when it's down completely, so halfway through Larry's drumkit on the main stage.  But it's not there for too long.  I was pretty far from the B-stage already so was tough to see regardless.

As a 5'3"er myself, the rail is usually the best spot.  But I also say it's just as important who ends up flanking you as they can obscure your view that you waited for hours to get!

If you want to get the visuals and you only have one show - save yourself the time and energy and arrive when/after doors open- you'll still get a good spot and will be able to see the screen a few "rows" back.

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