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Brought tickets back in November for St. Louis at 325 a seat. Today same section and same row are 106 a seat. I'll never do a pre-sale again for any show by anyone. If I want to go I'm buying tickets no more than 2 days before or I just won't go. Tired of being ripped off. Fuck Ticketmaster.

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I think this a problem, but for what it's worth, Ticketmaster doesn't set the prices.  The artist and promoter set the prices - in this case, LiveNation and U2.  Now, Ticketmaster is a LiveNation company, so I realize that's splitting hairs to a certain degree, but the point is - Ticketmaster didn't decide to drop the prices.  LiveNation and U2 did, because tickets weren't selling at the higher prices as they anticipated, and they're trying to at least get something rather than nothing.

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I think this is a problem also. I purchased tickets for the Montreal show anticipating a long needed vacation. This after 5 years for being a caregiver for an aging parent and hoping her health would continue to do well thur the month of June and on. 

My tickets plus dinner at the restaurant at the Bell Centre were bought during the presage in December at the cost of $865 for myself and my husband. We are by no means rich and events of being a caregiver and my not working have put a strain on family budgets, but combining Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts figured we could manage. My mistake was buying tickets through the clubs ticket agent who offered no ticket insurance as Ticket Master did in the states.

My parents health was not doing well, so to make a long story short I was not going to be able to attend the show in Montreal without any worries. I realized this in May and quickly bought tickets  for the show in Omaha (the day before the show and a 2 hour drive from my home) at a deeply discounted price from the presage for that show. The show was amazing and I truely enjoyed myself.

Then I began trying to sell through the fan club pre the rules since this was my agreement as a member. I also sought other options to sell the tickets. These were Craigslist (and every scammer in the world  I still want to see the moving truck coming to pick up the tickets after I cash the cashiers check and pay the movers). I listed on Stubhub with my tickets going from face value all the way down to $75 apiece till my sale expired at 8pm showtime. Then I attempted to give them away so at least someone would enjoy with no takers because many people do not trust others anymore. They believe if it is to good to be true it probably is..

 I offered tickets way below face value because I was forced to by the ticket agent, producers all the way to trying to give the tickets away with no takers. I saw outrageous flucations by the ticket agents then watched when they would raise prices till they realized no one was buying anymore only to drop the the bottom out so their was no hope in recouping any of your cost back.

I have been given 4 CDs for buying tickets and I prebiught the deluxe edition of the album during that presage before Dec 1 and not knowing we would get free CDs. I paid my membership last year and paid early this year to be able to be included in the presale of this tour.

i was surprised the number of U2 fan club member2 giving away tickets as to not let them go to waste. I enjoy U2, their music and watching their concerts and will continue to do so but I will buy my tickets in the hours before the concert via the resellers when I can get great seats at a bargain basement price for great seats.


Now I have 2 printed concert tickets and dinner tickets framed  and hanging in my wall with the caption under it says,

“De l'expérience vient la sagesse“ 


“From Experience comes Wisdom”


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I freak out in U2 presales too.  My experience is that I can always find at least a single seat closer to the show which is discounted and in a great section.   It seems that it is becoming standard practice to discount shows as they approach. They even discounted The Killers to $65 from $95 or so.  I paid $76 and $106, respectively, for the Chicago shows.  Ticketmaster, as stated above, has nothing to do with this.  They take the flack and will not tell you it's not them.  It does suck but is as it is.  One can take a gamble or do the presale.  The only show I've not been able to get a seat for, closer to the show, was Bruno Mars when Unorthodox Jukebox was hot.  That was at a music festival in Milwaukee and everyone wanted to go.  I've never not been able to get at least one seat, save that one show, in the thirty years I've been doing it closer to the show.  

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