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One thing I don't quite get is why some people seem to be unhappy about All Because of You being on the setlist. Given what we now know about Bono having almost died a couple of years ago, I find ther

Another super stellar show. These damn direct calls to actions are very convincing. Coming out with a bullhorn to literally rally us...  It's important stuff, it's scary times, this is exactly the typ

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22 minutes ago, u2fanclubbelgium said:

Yes. It has my name. Mobile tickets shows redzone and my name. Just no idea where and when I need to be for RedZone checkin...

then you're fine, nothing to worry about :) Look for Red Zone kiosk near SAP Center for check-in.


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Typically there has been a check-in sign/flag placed for Red Zone ticket holders so it's easy to spot. In Tulsa, it was right next to the GA entrance. In St. Louis it was close as well.

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4 hours ago, jremyu2 said:

Looking for 5 ga tickets for tonight, may 7, san jose to bring the fam.  Thanks

GA tickets are available on ticketmaster.com

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2 hours ago, lukylsp said:

Anyone Periscoping the two San Jose shows? Leave your handle here and which night you're attending if so!

streams are usually very unreliable - more often than not, mobile signal and/or wifi inside the venues is not strong enough to ensure a continuous and reliable stream, being audio or video. Someone can post their name or a link only to drop it one minute after starting (to a point in which there have been shows without audio or video - has happened in the past)

Your best bet is to keep checking periodically the thread and the fan community social media for any audio and video link... for video, it's a good idea to have this link in hand: https://www.pscp.tv/search?q=U2 , always with the understanding that these links most likely won't last but for a few songs and with the patience to be jumping from one broadcast to another...

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