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Will anyone get GA for Uncasville?

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I know I've read here and other places that Mohegan Sun holds back tickets for high rollers and tribe members...and since it seems that no one on earth is in possession of a GA ticket....are folks planning to just keep hoping/checking for a drop, or just showing up at the venue on the day of and hoping for luck?  I'd really like to go, and in fact I'd really like to trade my Newark GA ticket for it, though I realize there is no one to trade with, LOL.  

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Man.... and I refused to by a $300+ fan ticket because I was holding out for a GA... never knew this was the case. Ridiculous..... still holding out and refuse to pay scalper/ticket vendor prices. Old school U2 fan who just might miss her first tour.... in a very long time.

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I have been checking the Ticketmaster website for several months for Tickets. I’m sad to hear that GA wasn’t offered to the public. I had my eye on a VIP ticket but didn’t pull the trigger fast enough and it was bought and immediately put up for resale at $150 over face value. 

I’ve even reached out to friends to see if anyone knew a tribal member who could possibly help me get a ticket or room discount to no avail. 

I guess I’m just going to fly out and hope for the best. 

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