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What concert are you seeing next?


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20 hours ago, Manohlive said:

Dawes is September 8 and it's the new, An Evening With Dawes, tour opening show at Codfish Hollow in Iowa.

It seems it's the second show but who cares.   I'm very tempted to go to St. Paul, MN, the night before Codfish, as that is the opener.  Anyone wanna chauffeur me between?   I'll buy you a ticket, or even two, if you also drive me to Kalamazoo.  The night of the show in Indy, I'll be in the Windy City for The Stereophonics.   $35 for the latter.  As low as $32 for Dawes.  What a great time to love both.

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3 hours ago, doctornickriviera said:

Simple Minds Tonight ! Feck Berlin! Swindon is the place to be tonight!

My dog decided to go out at 3 am this morning so I'm still waking up.   I thought Feck Berlin was a band.  ?    Have fun, doc.

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10 minutes ago, doctornickriviera said:

Will do Sun is shining!

berlin was a band but it’s also the capitol of Germany! 

Take my breath away was from homo-erotic beach volleyball Tom cruise fighter pilot 80s flick Top Gun



I may get confused but I'm not that confused, Doc.   Blowin' Sky High is still on regular rotation in my household.  ?

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