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What concert are you seeing next?

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Last night I saw something I don't think I've ever seen in the flesh before - a band playing a gig without their lead singer. I went to Brighton Electric to see local legends Black Peaks. Unfortunately, for the last 4 months singer Will Gardner's been fighting sepsis, and on the morning of the show it flared up again so he's had to go in for an operation, meaning the band played half the set instrumentally and the other half with the lead singer from the support act, Haggard Cat - who put in a respectable effort, to be fair. Despite all the circumstance, the show was epic, watching three incredible musicians completely absorbed in what they're doing is something I'll never ever get tired of. I got to meet and have a chat with the drummer (Liam) and bassist (Dave) of the band too, and they seem like a lovely group of guys! Wishing Will a swift and full recovery. 


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A friend posted this on FB.     

The U2 I&SD tour...... combined songs from their upcoming Songs of Isolation and Songs of Social Distance Albums.......


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4 hours ago, doctornickriviera said:

Stereophonics in Cardiff

Are they full fledge touring for KInd's release in October?  I see some dates in the Uk but only two weks or so.    I'm very excited for the new album and hoping they return to Chicago.  Hearing them open with C'est La Vie and go straight into Caught By The Wind was beyond awesome.  

My next concert, hopefully, is the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra doing Chabrier, Ravel and a few others-music of Spain.  Hearing Bolero live is a special treat for me. 

My next rock concert is probably opening night of TJT 2019 in the live thread.  Up Periscope.  (por favor) 


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1 hour ago, doctornickriviera said:

No March

I saw the dates.  I'm hoping they do a full tour and cross the Atlantic.  I also saw Cardiff's two dates are sold out.  Many other shows only have singles left for sale.  That must be one massive queue for GA.

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It may be The Genesis Show in Vineland, NJ this coming Saturday; otherwise, it will be Unforgettable Fire in Ardmore, PA a week from Saturday (Oct. 19). It'll be good to see them again! 😎


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