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What concert are you seeing next?


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On 1/22/2023 at 4:44 PM, dmway said:

My next show is in March and it’s one I’m really looking forward to - it’s Jerry Harrison (from the Talking Heads) and Adrian Belew (from the extended Talking Heads touring band back in their glory days; he also recorded and toured with King Crimson and David Bowie). They are doing a tour to commemorate the excellent TH album “Remain In Light” - this is the one with “Once In A Lifetime” on it. It should be an excellent show! 😎


The show described above is still my next show. However, I can now add Depeche Mode in Philadelphia in October as one of my 2023 shows I will be attending! 😎

DM was one of the shows I was willing to buy before the announcement of U2’s LV residency (others are Peter Gabriel, Yes, and (hopefully) The Cure, but their shows have not been announced yet either). With the current economy and the potential of U2 shows, that means acts I would normally like to see (e.g., The Pixies, Duran Duran) are on the bench until I figure out if I can afford to see U2. This is definitely a “pick-and-choose” year, as far as concerts are concerned.

At least I have one new one to be enthusiastic about! 😎


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13 hours ago, doctornickriviera said:

Inhaler last night in Bristol. They were amazing.

My turn next month! 😎 I’m really looking forward to it!

The new album is very good too!


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Posted (edited)

My next show is now the Unforgettable Fire (U2 tribute band extraordinaire) on Friday night! 😎

However, the Jerry Harrison/Adrian Belew show I saw last night which honored the Talking Heads album “Remain In Light” (actually it honored all their first five albums, but especially “Fear Of Music” and “Remain In Light”, which happen to be my two favorite T-Heads albums) was absolutely spectacular! I never got to see the Talking Heads live back in the day (they stopped touring after their “Speaking In Tongues” album in 1982); now, however, I kind of feel like I have seen a T-Heads show. It was that good! Look what they played:


Just a wonderful show! 😎 I don’t know how many more shows they are doing, but if you can catch one, do so. It’s completely worth it! (For @Manohlive’s benefit, and as is my custom, I will point out that Jerry Harrison, like Daryl Stuermer, is the musical pride of Milwaukee, WI.)





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Posted (edited)

Dawes is tomorrow night.  I'm a bit nervous.  One of the members is leaving. Everyone is getting emotional and crying.  This clip shows why I love this band and fans so much.  It's a very accepting community.  I can hear a bunch of people I'll see tomorrow night when I also sing the whole song with him and them.  It's from last night's show. He politely tells them no more crying now before he starts.  Lol 


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