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Zoomods having some much deserved fun. ??  

Mich on the drums

awesome, unbelievable, beautiful, moving... and all of this, surrounded by amazing friends, old and new...   and then... this happened...   is experiences like the

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First time for eXPERIENCE shows for me in Montreal. SO much to absorb its hard to process just yet. It was a punk rock and roll extravaganza theatrical blockbuster chest busting bass and drum ball kicking feast of brilliance. Thats for kickoff. Deserves to be broken down song by song, moment by moment, re-savoured through photos taken and opinions and feelings shared here in town with other fans. Over beer.


More to come...

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Loved they played I Will Follow, Gloria, and Pride. They were gusty sticking to their theme of Experience and they threw in a good dose of Women-power during the interludes. Solid show.

However, sound was awful. I was in the section next to the soundboard, and the sound was terrible there too! A few people, including my husband a sound engineer, complained to the engineering assistant since we couldn't see Joe after the show, but it didn't seem to do any good. The Edge's guitar blew Adam's bass away. Hopefully those going to tonight's show have a better auditory experience!!!

To AchtungAl: People used their devices to film snippets. I didn't see any cameras--you may be able to sneak a small one in in a lady friend's purse.

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"People used their devices to film snippets"

Except the guy in front of me (and next to the security guy) who filmed non-stop the first hour of the show (and spent at least 10 minutes before Bono appeared on stage filming the static image on the screen) 




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I was wondering about all the complaining about the phones did a lot of people not down load the U2experience app the album cover and the static screen before the show enable extra content (the album cover triggers a video). I am sure many people filmed or viewed throughout the concerts as to not miss any extra content. I see no one posting about the app so are fans aware of it or using it. I think it is great to see U2 intergrating techonology in all the ways it has over the years as it has.

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