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The Red Zone tix were well worth it. Yes, you can go back and forth between GA and RZ. The RZ bar closes just before the show starts. In DC, the band began at 8:30.

Basically, you are escorted into the GA/RZ area before other GA ticket holders so you can get your place up close for the event. Pre-show, it means that one person holds the space while the other one goes to the RZ bar. Honestly, everyone is really cool. That is the beauty of U2 fans. If you are there early, RZ people just hang out together. It was my best U2 experience ever!

Staying in RZ gives better views of the video screens. It is a matter of being 15 feet from the band, You cannot go wrong. If in RZ, Stay  near the stage.

GA was pretty wide open. I easily walked my son up to the far stage then back to our spots at the near stage.


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Red Zone was brutal on this tour for me, and I've been doing RZ since 360.  They jammed in way more people in on this tour, compared to the IE version.  It was longer, skinnier, and further removed fr

We were in RZ last night for DC night 1.  As others have said, the bar disappears before the show starts, and the RZ section is further off to the side than on prior tours.  This section also felt sma

The Red Zone tix were well worth it. Yes, you can go back and forth between GA and RZ. The RZ bar closes just before the show starts. In DC, the band began at 8:30. Basically, you are escorted in

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I have redzone for the show tonight at msg...should I be concerned that I didn’t get an email? I have a hard ticket and assume the entrance is in the same place as the I&E redzone ... 

did people line up ridiculously early for redzone? I know this was the issue in the JT tour..I took the day off from work just in case.

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Ginapier- did you have any problems entering red zone?  I’m in the same situation for Sunday’s show. I have a hard ticker and haven’t received an email. What was the process at MSG?

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Had RZ2 for MSG2 - Had a bad knee so was worried about standing so went late - Arrived at checking at 7.30. Email indicated that had to have ID of the purchaser to match the name on your ticket. I knew after reading this I could not transfer the tix to someone else and had to try to manage it. When we checked in they had names on a list and you had to have ID and match the ticket name and sign at your name on the list. I was surprised this was the procedure although good, but IDK how there are so many RZ on secondary markets or for sale here as they truly seemed to be non-transferable at least in NY. RZ really crowded and some bad camera setup blocked quite a bit of my view as I stayed back a bit against the barricade for some leaning support. Moved back to GA e stage for part 2 which was great and was able to get super close. All in all RZ is fine - but I did not see any designated bar area and the designated merch stand was out of the venue shirts. Regular GA is a better bet - but it was for a good cause - I thought the areas for VIP (2) were tremendous compared to the RZ section - took alot away from regular GA so I do believe this time around they did not issue as many GA as in 2015. Also reason for the lack of last minute GA ticket drops this round as in 2015 there were some for just about every show.


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Am looking forward to the tour moving to Europe later in the year - was lucky to get Red Zone tickets for London (Adam side of the stage)

Have never been Red Zone before - can anyone share Experience of the Red Zone form this tour so far?




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Good question, I also bought for the first time a red zone ticket.

Regarding viewpoint and proximity to the band: as the stage setup is practically the same - judging from pictures and youtube movies - as during the I&E  Tour, I would say the best place is probably the GA. I was doing GA in Antwerp in 2015, and entering the arena a few hours before showtime, we were still able to stand at the rail on the center walkway! Seeing the band performing meters away was an impressive experience... I fear that Red Zone will not give us the same close quarters experience... Nevertheless it will give you a great view on the screen, which I didn't have in Antwerp as we were actually too close to the screen, and a reasonably close position to the band. A true compromise.

Regarding the actual Red Zone amenities: there I hope it delivers what it promises. Easy access to the venue, maybe a backstage tour (definitely interested!!) and the convenience of having the bar close-by. All this without the need to queue for several hours.

Please let me know how was your experience! I will do the Red Zone in Cologne on Wednesday 5th.

All the best.

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Apologies for the cross-posting but I thought my response to another thread may also be useful here...beware the red zone!!!

Perhaps the RED zone experience improves if you are very tall. I'm quite short. I travelled from Australia to Paris for the 3rd show and made the mistake of buying a red zone ticket. In Australian dollars after conversion, that's over $500. I am on a teacher salary. To me, this is a lot of money.  I would say that I could not see anything of the band for at least 50% of the show (actually I could see Larry a bit more than the others), except the screen and as that doesn't always reflect what's happening on stage, it was a bit of a let down.

I estimate they spent around 30% of time on the main stage at the front. And what's more, if you are on the left side (Edge side) then you also have to contend with a large video camera that goes up and down on a pole and pretty much obscures Bono for most of the time. I was pretty disappointed. I don't think it was worth that amount of money for the 5 seconds they came close enough to snap a photo...and then I wonder, is that what we're all there for or the music? Also, you have to contend with others holding up their phones and blocking your view unless you are right at the very front.

Something else that made matters worse, was that when the band when to the round stage at the far end, people started climbing up on the central barrier, which meant anyone behind them could not see. It was not a good set up and really the only redeeming factor was that the money from the ticket goes to RED. 

I am going to the last show tonight (4th Paris show) also and am so glad I bought  a cheap seat (was still over $200 AU) up in the rafters. I strongly suspect that this is going to be better visually and sound wise, as there were times last night when I could not hear Bono's vocals at all. That giant cage/screen thing seems too big for these venues. Isn't it more for a stadium?

It was pretty clear that people around me were equally disgruntled and trying not to complain/say anything....but really. Of all the U2 shows I've been to, that one will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The set list seems a bit dippy too.

Bono's voice was fabulous. Edge and Adam and Larry always the professionals that they are and it was great to see Larry mobile :) I liked the inclusion of Until the end of the world and Acrobat. I loved the inclusion of Gav singing HM,TM,KM,KM during the animation sequence and I am really happy they kept Cedarwood Road in the set list. I think the Macphisto segment works really well and after all, it's U2. They never do a bad show. It's just the logistics of actually being able to see them during the show, which is after all why you go to see the band play. 

Also...I have some photos of the obscuring video camera if you want me to upload one...It sort of became my nemesis during the show :) 

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I thought I'd give an update after the show last night. This time I was sitting in the rafters and although it was terrifyingly high and far away, I actually saw the whole show in all its glory. This show was designed to be seen from afar. Comparing the two experiences is like night and day. When I was standing in the RZ I missed probably 75% of the visual content of the show - its just too close to see anything well. They really need a screen at the front. I had no idea what was going on down at the B stage when I was in front of the main stage in the RZ. The band were fantastic and the whole tone of the show felt on-point. It was interesting that they released the book pages during the 3rd show but not at the 4th...

Last night was most memorable. Thanks U2.

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Hi Nick and others interested in the Red Zone.

First of all, you will be happy to hear that I am extremely satisfied with my Red Zone Experience in Cologne.

The organization:
- Days before the concert I received an email with instructions how to collect the ticket, etc.
- The email also contained the cell phone number of Jennifer, the Red Zone Coordinator. She' s very enthusiastic, and to my great surprise she is actually answering to your text messages if you feel the need to ask some additional info (I texted her if I could join the backstage tour ;-), unfortunately that didn't work but still she replied).
- As promised a Red Zone check-in table and a dedicated Red Zone entrance to the venue was organised.
- There was no dedicated bar inside the RED ZONE. On the other hand there was plenty staff walking around the venue and selling drinks.

The entry:
- I was there around 17h30. The concert started at 20h30. 
- The doors for the general public weren't opened yet, actually U2 was still soundchecking inside the arena.
- We were allowed to go inside the venue (the area with the bars etc.), but we had to wait for the soundcheck to end before we were walked by Red Zone Staff inside the actual arena to the Red Zone.
- By the time we entered the actual arena the people who had queued for hours in the GA were already inside. Maybe a couple of hundred people were already inside the arena at that time.
- It was perfectly possible, if you would wish so, to NOT go to the RED ZONE area but instead to take position near the main or E stage or along the rail.  When I entered the arena around 18h, you could still have first row (rail) at the screen walkway, and you could still stand in the first 5 rows in front of the main stage or e-stage.
- This was the biggest relief / advantage I found of the RED ZONE. You can of course stand in the dedicated RED ZONE area, but you can also freely roam around the GA floor. And come back to the RED ZONE whenever you want. That is a HUGE advantage.

- In my personal opinion, and having seen the show twice now, if you really want to fully benefit from the RED ZONE ticket you MUST allow yourself to move around during the concert.
This was my technique:
1) Opening of the concert until the intermission movie from the RED ZONE AREA 
2) During the intermission movie, move in the GA and make your way as fast as you can to the E-stage (I could still stand on the fifth row near the drum kit of Larry) before the band appears there after the intermission
3) Enjoy the band at close range during the songs they play at the E-stage
4) During "Summer of Love" (acoustic version Bono and Edge) move back through the GA towards the RED ZONE (or if too crowdy, check if you can leave the floor and re-enter near the RED ZONE area through dedicated door as in Cologne).
5) At that moment you will not be able (temporary) to enter the RED ZONE as the small temporary stages for Edge and Adam are erected exactly at the entrance points of the RED ZONES.
6) Don't worry about this, try to stand as close as possible to the temporary stage before "Summer of Love" ends and "Pride" starts
7) You will be at 1 meter distance from Adam or Edge during Pride, incredible experience keep your cool
? After Pride the temporary stages are quickly disassembled, after which you can re-enter the RED ZONE again and enjoy the remainder of the concert from inside.

In Koln/Cologne, the moving around as described above was greatly simplified by the additional entrance to the arena close to the RED ZONE area. In fact all spectators could leave the main floor by this entrance, but only with a RED ZONE pass you could enter again through this door (with a GA ticket you had to use another entrance door at the back of the arena).

Indeed a RED ZONE ticket is expensive. And it is basically only an entrance ticket, no drinks or merchandise is included. But to be able to move from one side of the arena to the other during the concert; basically repositioning yourself together with the band, while retaining at all times your perfect viewing spot near the main stage is the biggest benefit of it. This is merely impossible to do with a normal GA ticket (unless you have no problem to push yourself through a few thousand people, not really appreciated by most).

- I actually arrived too early in the venue. Only around 19h the RED ZONE started to fill up a bit. On the other hand that is probably very locally driven. In some countries the floor is almost full two hours before the show starts, in other countries it's only the last 30 minutes the bulk of people start to arrive. I stood first row in RED ZONE, when I came back from the E-stage I could easily walk through the RED ZONE and reposition myself on the same spot I had left 30 minutes ago. 
If your arrive early, and after your initial entry in the RED ZONE, check out the different doors and entries to the GA floor you are allowed to use. Check how fast you can reach the closest toilet if needed. It will save you a lot of time during the concert if you want to move around.

So conclusion: RED ZONE allows you to see the show from the floor at close proximity to the stage, and allows you to freely roam around in the venue before and during the show, facilitating you to follow the band around during their performance.

I found it a great experience, I have seen by now almost 20 U2 shows, and never I came so close to the band. It's also nice to see the show from different viewing angles.

Probably if this is your only show you will attend, you won't feel the urge to leave the RED ZONE. I would still recommend to dare to move to the secondary stage during the intermission.

Hope this helps a bit. Enjoy the show and let me know how you experienced it!



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