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New York Live Thread #U2eiTour

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I searched, didn’t see this on here yet, came straight from the Garden FB Page 45m ago.  Please delete if redundant! 


MSG welcomes guests with General Admission (GA) tickets to arrive and form the line in advance of typical arrival times for events. All guests are required to abide by the provisions within the following policy. Ticket holders found in violation of the following policy may be asked to surrender their paperless tickets and leave MSG property.
The GA line will be formed along the 33rd Street wall of MSG as indicated by signs saying “General Admission Entrance.” The GA line will enter through the Chase C “Entrance”. There will be Number system sign indicating ticket holder placement (1 thru 50) (51 thru 100), etc.
GA ticket holders may begin lining up at 4:00pm on the date of show.
Entering the GA line indicates the guest’s agreement to abide by all Venue policies and procedures (the same as while inside the building).
Upon arrival, each guest who indicates he or she has GA floor seating will have a sequentially numbered wristband put on his or her right wrist. Wristbands will be distributed at 8:00am (subject to change day of show).
The order of entrance into the building will be based on the number of the guest’s wristband.  Wristbands will be provided on a first come, first served basis.  Once a GA ticket holder has their wristband, they may remain in line or leave the area, but must return to their sequential place in line by 4:00pm.
Guests are not permitted to “hold” a place in line for other guests who are arriving later.
The wristband must remain on the guest’s right wrist while in line.  Loss or removal of the wristband will require the guest to obtain another wristband and take their sequential place in line.  Any guest found with a tampered wristband will have his or her wristband confiscated and will lose their place in line.
GA ticket holders will be admitted in sequential order once doors are opened, scheduled for 6:30 pm.    
Guests are permitted to have a reasonable amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages while in line.  No bottles (including water bottles), cans or food are allowed into the building.
Please be respectful of other guests in line - no running, pushing or line jumping; no alcohol, drugs or glass containers; no horseplay or unsafe behavior; no profanity; no tailgating, open flames or barbeques; no selling of tickets, wristbands, concessions or merchandise; no animals (except service animals); no smoking in line.
Prohibited Items: The following items are prohibited from entering the building: all outside food and beverages, weapons of any kind, pepper spray/mace, alcohol, cameras with detachable lenses, video recording equipment, audio recording equipment, laser pointers, fireworks, iPads, GoPros, selfie-sticks, glow sticks, glass bottles, plastic bottles, or cans.  Any person with these items found within the venue during tonight’s event may be subject to ejection from the venue without refund.
Thanks – Have a Great Time!!



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