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Memories of Cologne 1987, Müngersdorfer Stadion Joshua Tree Tour


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I would love to share memories of this concert with people who also have been there. It would be nice, if you could write down your memories and post them here ...

This is what I can recall from that special day, 31 year ago:

When I look at the setlist, I literally get tears in my eyes. Went there with 4 friends in a small car - big traffic jam on the highway to Cologne, but U2-Fans everywhere, open windows, people sitting on their cars , waving flags, singing together - enthusiastic people everywhere. At the entrance, our tickets were ripped in two parts by security and you only got handed back the smaller part of the ticket ... everyone was totally embarrassed about this, and I never experienced somthing like this before nor after until today (in fact, when I look at my "ticket-snippet, I still feel angry about this !) At the concert venue it was raining and big plastic covers were distributet to the people, so we crouched on the lawn quite a long time, still having fun despite of the weather. The Pretenders, Big Audio Dynamite and Lou Reed as supports - man, it took a long time, till U2 finally appeared on stage, I can tell you. When I read quite bad concert reviews today, I really can not understand why it was rated that bad - for me I felt it was the show of my life, and 60.000 people with me gave everything, singing, chanting "Bono, Bono, Bono!" all the time and having their time of their lives. "Bad" in the most impressive version I have heard until today:  it was extended, because people kept singing after the band had already finished the song, so Bono end Edge started playing it again! Then Bono hat a little accident with the headlights he was carrying during "Bullet the Blue Sky". But what will stay in my mind for the rest of my life, and this is my No1-concert-moment of all time, is: 60.000 people chanting "how long to sing this song" while leaving the Müngersdorfer Stadion, even 30 minutes after the band played the last tune of "40". Still gives me goosbumps when I think of it ...

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